You should eat this to avoid getting sick

Most people think they eat well. Few would say self-critically that they live badly. But what does that really mean? How do you live healthy? The one who needs to know is the general practitioner Dr. Silja Schäfer, known from the NDR “Nutrition Docs”*.

The doctor deals with people who want to lose weight and change their eating habits. And she knows the obstacles that come with it. Because good intentions are like good advice: they seem simple, but for most of us, they are not so easy to integrate into everyday life. We know, for example, that you have to take better care of yourself and go to bed earlier – alone: ​​it’s so difficult! How do real professionals do it? How do they motivate themselves, what everyday advice do they really take to heart? We asked around.

Our five-part Like a Pro series explores how an energy consultant saves electricity at home, what a sports scientist does to stay in shape, what a career coach looks for at work and what a housewife does to keep her house clean and tidy. . But today it’s all about healthy eating.

How do you live healthy?

In order to maintain your health, you have to pay attention to several things, says Silja Schäfer: “I try to think holistically. That means being healthy includes nutrition, but also exercise and sleep. J attaches great importance to this, even if it does not always work 100 percent.”