You can use these 3 criteria to identify the ideal diet drink


March 24, 2022 – 12:01 The clock

Weight loss shakes cost almost a penny a dozen. Supermarket shelves and online stores are almost full of different manufacturers, brands and flavors. Deciding on a diet powder is not so easy. What is important? We recognize a good light drink by these three characteristics.

1. Weight loss shakes are labeled as meal replacements

Weight loss shakes are designed to replace one or more meals per day. To make them really like meal replacement can be sold, they must meet certain criteria. The German Diet Ordinance stipulates these points by law. This includes, for example, the calorie count, nutrient composition and an application note on the packaging.

For example, a protein powder that athletes use to build muscle is not the same as a high protein diet shake. Thus, if a product is sold as a meal replacement, it meets the legal requirements. For you, this means: the drink contains all important nutrients in compressed form. Despite a low-calorie diet, you don’t have to worry about a nutrient deficiency.

For example, Sheko’s Strawberry Shake is a meal replacement shake with 202 calories per serving. Also top: It contains about 21 grams of protein to provide the body with enough energy. With 27 minerals and vitamins, the powder covers all important nutrients.

2. Protein content and protein type

Because the shakes are low in carbs, the body turns to other sources of energy: protein and fat. So that it does not use the body’s own protein from muscle mass, more protein must be supplied from the diet. So a weight loss shake should be one high protein content to have.

What also plays a role: the type of protein. weight loss shakes animal and vegetable proteins contain. The biological value of animal proteins was found to be slightly higher than that of vegetable proteins. This means that they are more like proteins in the body and can therefore be processed with less effort. These animal proteins include, for example whey and milk protein.

However, these diet shakes are not suitable for a vegan diet. Here you need to use powders with vegetable proteins – soy for example, has a high biological value. Pea, chickpea or rice proteins are often used. Nupo’s “One Meal Plus Prime” powder, for example, consists mainly of soy protein, is vegan and can be mixed with water or plant milk.

  • 205 calories per serving (prepared with water)
  • 19 grams of protein
  • 24 vitamins and minerals

Already known? Protein has a low glycemic index, so it has little effect on blood sugar. This means that blood sugar levels don’t rise and fall as much – the result: lower hunger pangs and fewer cravings.

3. Options for preparing weight loss shakes

Most powders can be mixed with milk or water to make a drink. The variant with milk tastes better in most cases – after all, it tastes like a creamy milkshake from the glacier. Of course with fewer calories! It is best to follow the preparation instructions on the packaging. Generally, however, there are no problems with using vegetable milk for the mixture.

Nevertheless: more merge options there are, the more varied the menu of a formula diet can be. Try mixing diet powder with yogurt or cottage cheese to make a delicious dessert. Garnished with a few fresh fruits, the slimming drink is easy to drink!

Depending on the mixture, the mixing ratio of liquid and powder may change. It is ideal if the manufacturer himself mentions other options. For example, you can mix Sheko shakes as follows: 18 grams of powder and…

  • 275 milliliters of milk (animal, lactose-free, vegetable),
  • 350 milliliters of buttermilk,
  • 275 grams of yogurt or
  • 190 grams of low fat quark.

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Shakes for weight loss: you should pay attention to these features

A weight loss shake is not the same as a weight loss shake. To recognize a good product, there are a few characteristics.

  • Make sure the diet shake is labeled as a meal replacement. Then it fulfills the necessary legal requirements and contains all important nutrients.
  • A high protein content is also important. Animal proteins have a better biological value, while vegetable proteins are suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet.
  • You can also recognize a good diet drink by the fact that there is more than one way to prepare it: if a slimming shake can also be mixed with yogurt, cottage cheese or milk alternatives, you can create meals varied.

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