Wolfsburg: Are you okay? Here’s how Niko Kovac thinks of Max Kruse

We can’t wait to see how Max Kruse and Niko Kovac get along at VfL Wolfsburg. In an interview with ‘Sky’, the new coach was now asked directly about the attacking man.

Is Niko Kovac turning a blind eye to Max Kruse?
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does this fit? Niko Kovac, the discipline fanatic, and Max Kruse, who is open about the fact that he is not a world champion in training? The first answers will be available in three weeks when the new coach joins VfL on June 20. The first thing on the agenda is the performance diagnosis, two days later the training officially begins. Next, Kruse needs to show he’s ready to take the new path under Kovac.

Kruse has to ‘get used to it first’

The striker came from Union Berlin last winter as Florian Kohfeldt was in charge at Wolfsburg. The coach he got on well with in Bremen and now at VfL. But now that Kohfeldt is gone, from June 20, Kovac will be in charge. “I’ve never worked with Niko Kovac, so it’s very difficult for me to judge,” Kruse told ran.de these days. “It’s something different now, you have to get used to it first.”

An introductory phase which will decide the prospects of Kruse (contract until 2023 with option of extension) in Wolfsburg. In any case, his attitude to work, crowned with success, corresponds only to a limited extent to the ideas of the new coach. “There are players who have to focus on training all week so they can perform well at the weekend,” Kruse pointed out in the spring, adding, “I’m not one of them.”

Fitness and physical condition are important to Kovac

What does Kovac think of Kruse in advance? In an interview with “Sky” earlier this week, the 50-year-old answered the specific question about his 34-year-old striker in general. “For me, every player is the same,” explains the football coach. “If the performance is good, then everyone gets what they are entitled to. It doesn’t matter if they are older or younger, have more or less experience.” Only, Kovac already makes one thing clear: the subject of physical condition is important to him. “If I don’t have the skills to go through 90 minutes, then I start calculating. Then I always save myself a way somewhere offensively, but also defensively. That means certain situations go wrong in the end. attack and you could concede chances or concede goals at the back. That’s an important point for me.”

Does Kovac close his eyes?

Which Kruse has designed a little differently for himself so far: “Of course you can run 13 kilometers and twelve of them wrongly,” he said. “I try to go the right way and keep an eye on the game, then I’m often right. That was enough under Kohfeldt in the end. But is that also the case for Kovac? “Order and discipline are a requirement for me. But it’s also important that the players have certain freedoms,” explains the Croatian. “I like to close my eyes, maybe two. But everything has to fit into the context.”

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