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Asja Casari

SleepFood against constant fatigue

It sounds so simple: “Energy in 5 minutes! Healthier day after day with the Doc Fleck Method”. What does internist and rheumatologist Dr. Anne Fleck promise in her workbook? Can you get restful sleep with sleep foods and get your bowels moving with a stomach massage?

“Over the past few decades, energy shortages have become a mass phenomenon. Chronic fatigue shows as a human seer that the energy vacuums work in us and around us, something we have so far too often underestimated. For years I have met people in practice who are healthy and want to stay healthy. Far greater, however, is the number of people who drag themselves through life with low energy, weakened immune systems and poor health and ask for help. Most of them have had a long odyssey through medical practices…”

Combination of classical medicine and naturopathic treatments

Anne Fleck relies on getting into the action in a relaxed and playful way. This is also the case of the bestseller: “Energy! – The healthy way out of the labyrinth of fatigue”, which ended up on the SPIEGEL bestseller list even before its publication. The famous doctor of preventive and nutritional medicine combines modern research and classical medicine with naturopathic treatments. She therefore developed the Doc Fleck method. Anne Fleck has been one of NDR’s nutritionist docs for many years, also works for RTL and has her own practice in Hamburg.

SWR1 listeners describe their own experiences

Letter to people editors SWR1 from a 63-year-old teacher. Her children, she writes, grew up on iced tea and apple juice spritzers, were given sweets, and are still willowy. “We have always moved a lot,” she cites as the reason for this. But now she notices that something is clearly changing in nurseries:

Tap water instead of an apple juice spray

“In nurseries, children are only allowed to drink tap water. I had to get used to that. But here it is: they want nothing else. I once thought I had to do something nice for the little ones and gave them an apple juice spray bottle at a party. They all preferred water. The parents are also involved and I think that’s very good. There are no overweight children in our nursery!“

Nutritional traffic light on food packaging

The requests of numerous consumer associations and nutrition experts will certainly also be addressed in the people show SWR1 with Anne Fleck. This also seems to find support among SWR1 listeners:

“We would take a significant step forward in this case if politicians finally decided to introduce traffic lights on food packaging, which immediately signal to the consumer: healthy or unhealthy food. But in the past, the food industry has repeatedly campaigned against it, at best voluntarily. And about the food industry purposely showing unhealthy foods on packaging, well…”

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