Who takes care of my pet during my vacation?

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Holidays: who will take care of my animal when I travel?

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If you have a trustworthy neighborhood or circle of animal-loving friends, you can have your hairy nose treated privately.

Summer time is vacation time. This begs the question for many: what should I do with my pet when I’m gone? No reason to stick your head in the sand. We have summarized the best solutions for you.

Finally out of the daily grind and into (at least) a week of sun, beach and sea! But before leaving, there are still a few things to settle. Is my passport still valid, do I have all the vaccinations and… what to do with the animal while I’m away? Each year, approximately 70,000 pets are abandoned during the summer months. A sad result that does not have to be. Because there are many ways to take care of your pet on vacation.

Where to go with the dog or the cat when you are on vacation? These pet care products exist!

Private animal care:

  • Animal-loving neighbors as pet sitters

The simplest and cheapest solution is obvious: the neighborhood. Maybe a real dog lover lives next door or a cat lover lives across the street and would be happy if they could take care of your furry friend for a few days. This is particularly useful for small animals such as guinea pigs or hamsters, but of course also for cats. “Many small animals like guinea pigs are very nervous. They feel more comfortable in their familiar environment. So it is better for them that friends or relatives who have stayed at home take care of them. them,” says Marius Tünte of the German Association for the Protection of Animals.

Cats also prefer familiar territory and take advantage if you give the key to your front door to the neighborhood or circle of friends. With this solution, however, make sure that the caregiver knows your pet’s needs well and familiarizes themselves with the fur nose beforehand. Provide enough food and give clear instructions. Contacts such as the veterinary office number and your own phone number should be available in case of an emergency.

  • Advice to veterinary office or animal shelter

If you are new to the area and don’t know anyone, you can contact your local animal welfare organization or shelter to find a pet sitter you trust. We know animal lovers there, to whom you can entrust your four-legged friend during your holidays. The Deutscher Tierschutzbund eV (German Association for the Protection of Animals) gives the advice: make a hanging house in the animal shelter or in a veterinary practice. This is how animal lovers find each other quickly.

There are also many pet sitting agencies online these days that can help you find one. Groups on social networks or apps can also be useful.

Professional pet care:

  • Pension for dogs, cats and small animals

If you have planned a longer trip, a pet boarding house is a good idea, where the furry friend is looked after around the clock. deal with it in time. During the summer months, a lead time of six to eight weeks is recommended.” If you want to provide dogs and cats with pleasant temporary accommodation, you should first take a look at boarding houses. There are big differences.

“Visit the boarding house and get an idea of ​​how clean it is and how the animals are housed. Also ask your veterinarian and the local animal protection association”, recommends Marius Tünte. Also make sure that the boarding house only accepts vaccinated animals and that they are fed ready-to-use food. The cost per day is around 20 euros for a small dog and 25 euros for a large dog. For cats, the daily rate must not exceed 20 euros.

  • Holiday promotion: “If you take my pet, I’ll take your pet”

But what if you have spontaneously decided to go on vacation, all the animal shelters in the area are full and none of your neighbors have time? For such cases, the German Association for the Protection of Animals offers a special holiday campaign. “If You Take My Pet, I’ll Take Your Pet” has been around for 18 years now. Every year, several thousand animals are temporarily entrusted to other animal lovers. Simply contact the German Animal Welfare Association or the local animal welfare association.

You can also contact the animal welfare association and your veterinarian to use their message boards. Many retirees like to spend time with dogs or cats and take care of them temporarily.

This will make your pet feel comfortable while you’re away

You are enjoying your vacation to the fullest, but you still miss your four-legged friend. And even if many do not believe it: hairy noses are missed by their people just as much. So that the separation of master and mistress is not so difficult, give the animal a familiar object to take to the boarding house or the pet sitter. It can be a blanket, a pillow, or your favorite toy. The familiar smell ensures the well-being of dogs and cats and the animal can settle in faster.

Source: tierschutzbund.de & welttierschutz.org


Didn’t find an option that suits you? Then the four-legged friend must go on vacation with you! It works with dogs, but also with cats. Take a look at our video.

If your pet is accompanying you on summer vacation, there are a few things to consider:



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