What are the benefits of private health insurance?

In Germany, as far as health insurance is concerned, there is, as we know, statutory health insurance on the one hand and private health insurers on the other. If you look primarily at the range of services, private health insurance companies offer a significantly better range of services at this point. In this article, we want to see which group of people can take out private health insurance and what advantages this private insurance offers.

Who can take out private health insurance

Unfortunately, not everyone in Germany has the opportunity to waive statutory health insurance and take out private health insurance. However, there are still a few different groups of people who have the option of joining private health insurance. Incidentally, the range of private health insurance is wide and for this reason you should definitely use a private health insurance comparison before choosing a provider in order to find a provider offering a good range of services at reasonable prices.

As already mentioned, different groups of people have the option of taking out comprehensive private health insurance. First of all, there are civil servants who can even benefit from a so-called state subsidy when they subscribe to such a private health insurance. This means that the corresponding public employer contributes 50% of the contributions to be paid for private health insurance.

In addition, self-employed people and students also have the option of joining a private health insurance company without any problems. On the other hand, the situation of employees must be seen in a more differentiated way. Here, only workers who have an annual gross income of at least 64,350 euros have the possibility of opting for private health insurance. As a result, not everyone in Germany has the possibility of having private health insurance.

Private health insurance convinces with many services

The German healthcare system is still today one of the best in the world. In addition, the statutory health insurance (GKV) offers a good range of services. However, the GKKV has a fixed catalog of services, so that you as a patient cannot always benefit from all possible treatment methods.

In comparison, private health insurance (PKV) is much better positioned here. After all, the range of services and treatment methods is significantly wider, so if you have private health insurance, you can often get better treatment.

A big advantage of private health insurance is that you can usually get a doctor’s appointment much faster. This mainly applies when it comes to appointments with different specialists. As a statutory health insurance patient, you often have to wait a long time for a desired appointment.

With private health insurance, it is much faster, which allows you to quickly benefit from the necessary examinations and treatments. This is mainly because doctors can charge higher rates for private patients than for those with statutory health insurance. For this reason, from a financial point of view, doctors have a particularly strong interest in treating people with private health insurance.

It is also interesting in this context that there are a number of doctors who have specialized entirely in privately insured patients and only give appointments to these patients.

Enjoy better services as a private patient in the hospital

Hardly anyone would like to stay in a hospital. Nevertheless, it is good to know that you can benefit from particularly good services during a hospital stay. Finally, private health insurers, for example, offer the possibility of integrating services such as a single room into the insurance cover.

This can prove to be a great advantage if you want absolute peace and quiet in your room after a serious operation. After all, it is certainly not pleasant when a prospective roommate snores all the time and therefore it is difficult for you to rest.

With private health insurance, you can also specify that you want treatment from a senior doctor during a hospital stay. This way you always know that you are being treated by an absolute professional with a wealth of experience.


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