Use lemon water for food: here’s how

Many celebrities swear by the lemon water diet. With the juice diluted in water of the yellow citrus fruit, it is said that it is much easier not to gain extra pounds or even to lose them. Here we have described to you what is behind it and how you can achieve a lemon water diet.

This is how a lemon water diet works

Lemon is a bright yellow symbol of lots of sunshine and vitamins. It’s no wonder she can also support weight loss with her positive charisma while on a diet. It is best to start the application of lemon water in the morning before breakfast. You can treat yourself to another large glass of lemon water during the day and a third at night before bed. This way, you will be able to reach your goal of losing a few pounds faster.

  • A lemon water diet is not rocket science. All you need is warm, plain or tap water and lemons. It is not very complex and does not cost much.
  • It is best to get unpolluted, untreated organic lemons for the lemon water diet. Your body benefits from a purely natural product. It is best to always freshly prepare lemon water just before drinking it.
  • Squeeze the lemon well. The more intensively you extract the juice and also work on the walls of the inner skin and the cell walls of the pulp, the more bioactive substances will end up in your lemon cocktail. For frequent “juicers”, it may be worth investing in a heavy-duty juicer.
  • Put the lemon juice in a glass that you have previously filled with lukewarm water (about 36 degrees) and mix the juice and water well. In summer the water can be cooler if you feel like it. In principle, however, a drink at body temperature better supports digestion and metabolism.
  • Empty the glass in small sips and not too quickly. Wait at least half an hour, preferably longer, before eating a light breakfast or other meal. Maybe you have already noticed that you are not so hungry anymore thanks to lemon water.
  • The Lemon Water Diet should not be confused with the Lemon Juice Cleanse, also known as the Master Cleanse Diet. It is a fasting cure during which a cocktail of fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water is drunk throughout the day. It is said to have a purifying and detoxifying effect.

It’s in the citrus fruits

Lemon is full of vitamin C and bioflavonoids. If we squeeze the juice, a large part of the ascorbic acid ends up in it, as well as a small part of the bioflavonoids that are found mainly in the skins and skins of fruits. But what is the magic of lemon water supposed to help you lose weight? There are several possible explanations for this.

  • Drinking water in the morning is good for your body. They replenish your fluid reserves and at the same time you can suppress your appetite. In fact, research has shown that people who drank a liter more of water per day than others lost more pounds while dieting.
  • The effect of lemon juice in particular was examined in another study. It has been observed that weight reduction can be achieved in overweight Indian women by administering lemon juice over a period of several weeks. An appetite suppressant effect of lemon could play a role here.
  • The more citrus flavonoids in the water, the more likely there will be an overall positive metabolic effect. Some studies confirm that these bioactive substances have a positive influence on lipid metabolism, a protective effect against diabetes and silent inflammation. Taken together, these metabolic factors may be linked to overweight.
  • Along with a lemon water diet, your body also benefits from a vitamin C boost. Ascorbic acid is an essential cofactor for the enzymes needed to synthesize collagen. The citrus component in the water ensures firm and fresh skin, which can positively support your diet.

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