TV doctor Dr. JohannesWimmer explains low-fat diets: Is fat not fattening at all?

Hamburg TV doctor Dr. Johannes Wimmer (38) took a close look at the low-fat diet during a nutrition checkup on Instagram. How is it healthy?

Hamburg – The Hamburg Television Doctor Dr Jean Wimmer (38) took a close look at the low-fat diet during an Instagram Nutrition Checkup.

Television doctor Dr. Johannes Wimmer (36) talks about the meaning and nonsense of the “low-fat diet” in an Instagram video. © Instagram screenshot/doktorjohanneswimmer (image editing)

“What is ‘low fat’ and how does it work?” is his first question.

Basically, it’s about saving fat in your daily diet: according to the diet, all low-fat foods like bread, fruits and vegetables are allowed, as well as low-fat dairy products, lean meats and the fish.

“Can you lose weight with this? Yes, of course,” says Dr. Moan. But there is a simple reason for this. Of course, fats also contain a lot of calories. If they are omitted from the daily diet, a lot of savings are made.

Pietro Lombardi foresees these changes in his house
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Pietro Lombardi foresees these changes in his house

Yes, be careful! This is in no way a license for uncontrolled “shoveling”.

“If you eat more calories than you use, you gain weight!” Wimmer reminds us of the simple caloric balance. So, would he personally recommend the low-fat diet?

It depends. Basically, not everything is wrong, the supply of nutrients is guaranteed, and the form of the diet is also suitable for everyday use.

“But: it is now clearly proven that fat is not as bad as everyone thinks, but very valuable for you and your body”, continues the television doctor. Demonizing fat is therefore also the wrong approach.

The most important message: “Fat is not just fat.” On the one hand there are the good, unsaturated fatty acids, which can be found, for example, in nuts. On the other hand, there are also extremely unhealthy ones, trans fats, which can make you sick in the long run. “Everything that comes out of the deep fryer also ends up in fast food, ready meals and pastries.” A simple advice from the doctor is therefore: “Low in trans fat!”

And the conclusion? “Eating low in fat can help you lose weight. But in fact, you shouldn’t and shouldn’t do without high-quality vegetable oils and fats,” says Johannes Wimmer. Because that’s what the body needs to function properly and sensibly.

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