Traveling with the 9 euro ticket: with these tips you can relax even on long train journeys

From June to August 2022, the 9 euro note, which will go on sale from May 23, 2022, will be valid, the introduction of which was finally decided by the Federal Council on May 20, 2022.

This means that users can make as many journeys as they want in 2nd class transport with all public transport throughout Germany for only 9 euros per month – however, this only applies to local trains and regional. The ticket is then not valid on long-distance buses and long-distance trains, such as ICE and IC trains.

Long journeys, for example to popular holiday destinations on the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, can therefore take significantly longer. We reveal how you can always travel relaxed.

These tips will help you relax even on long train journeys

Train tables in children’s areas are often printed with game motifs, for example search or maze games.

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Bulky and heavy luggage

Large travel bags and suitcases, strollers and bicycles can complicate some long train journeys. This is why Deutsche Bahn has set up an additional baggage service.

For the modest sum of 13.90 euros per bag, train travelers with a valid ticket can have it delivered by the Hermes courier service anywhere in Germany. The delivery time is 2 working days or 3 working days for shipments to the German North Sea Islands and the island of Hiddensee.

Travel in peace

Many local and regional trains have carriages with quiet zones. You can recognize them by the crossed out cellphone and whisper symbols. In order to allow passengers from these departments to travel as quietly as possible, telephone calls, loud mobile phone ringtones, listening to loud music (also with headphones) or other noisy activities are prohibited in these areas.

You can also choose a seat in the middle of the car for a quieter ride. Train wheels are usually located at the front and rear of the car. It is therefore often quieter in the middle of the car.

Traveling with family

For families with children, there are special group seats on many trains, which you can recognize by the colored seat covers and the carriage stickers with the inscription “Children’s Corner” to allow parents and children to to sit together and also to occupy the children who like to play for the duration of the journey. The tables in these areas are often printed with game motifs, for example search or maze games.

Choose longer connections

Since many travelers prefer traveling as quickly as possible without additional changes, these are often overcrowded. In addition, due to the pandemic, wearing a mask is currently compulsory on Deutsche Bahn trains.

For a more comfortable journey, you can therefore also consider longer connections with transfer and waiting times to avoid overloaded trains and to be able to remove the mask during breaks outside trains to take a deep breath.

At the ticket machine, on the Deutsche Bahn website or in the DB Navigator app, you can deactivate the search filter for the fastest connection under “Connection information” and display longer alternatives.

Good travel time

When planning your train journey, consider the times of day, days of the week and holidays when the trains might be particularly busy, as well as upcoming holiday periods.

For a relaxed trip, avoid commute times like 6-8 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. on weekdays. An increase in the number of guests can also be expected for weekend train journeys, long weekends with bridge and public holidays or during holiday periods.

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