Tips & Tricks: It Helps Against Large Pores

Refined complexion
Enlarged pores: these tips will help you shrink them (in the long run).

Enlarged pores can make the skin impure

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If the pores around the nose and cheeks are enlarged, the complexion appears uneven and those affected want a quick remedy. In fact, there are many ways to shrink pores. Read here which ones can help you.

There are many pores on the face and that’s a good thing. Skin pores are small openings that occur in countless numbers in human skin. The body can secrete sebum through the small channels and keep the top layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, supple and protected from external environmental influences. The pores are an essential part of the metabolism and the protective film of the skin. But why are the pores large on one and small on the other?

In fact, genes and hormones determine pore size. But oily or mature skin can also have dilated pores. Oily skin, for example, tends to have larger pores because sebum, dander, and dirt can accumulate faster as they exit the sebaceous glands. Result: the pores are clogged and widened. Once the pore is enlarged, it no longer shrinks on its own. However, regular cleansing and various other methods can help refine the complexion. Preventative measures should also help avoid large pores before they develop.

What can I do against enlarged pores?

Be patient with your skin because enlarged pores don’t shrink overnight. Any product that makes this promise should be critically reviewed. On the contrary, a good cleansing and skin care routine is worth it. You can find out what that might look like here.

Regular cleaning

The best foundation for clear skin is daily, thorough cleansing of the face. Free your skin from sebum and dirt morning and evening, for example with a cleansing gel. It may also be useful to use an electrical device facial cleansing brush to be.

proper care

Oily, impure skin tends to have large pores, so proper care is crucial. Avoid textures that are too rich or greasy, these can clog the skin. On the other hand, light care products such as moisturizing fluids or gels are more suitable, for example this light one Gel with UV protection.

Retinol Nourishing Serum

retinol serum contains a form of vitamin A and may have beneficial effects on skin formation. It promotes the formation of horny cells, which make up the top layer of the skin. The vitamin is also said to stimulate the production of collagen, which is needed in the lower layers of the skin to make the skin firm and supple. Retinol serums can help refine skin tone and reduce large pores. You can read how to use retinol serum correctly in this article.

vapor bath

Large pores become especially noticeable when discolored by dark blackheads. Blackheads form in pores that become clogged with excessive sebum production. Blackheads get their typical black color from the reaction of dead skin cells and oxygen. A steam bath helps open clogged pores so that dirt and oil can be dislodged. Boil about a liter of water, put it in a bowl and mix it chamomile oil. Then place a towel over your head and relax with your face over the water bath for ten minutes. After the steam bath, you can wash your face with a gentle cleansing gel and wash off with lukewarm water.


To shrink your pores, you can apply a scrub to your facial skin once or twice a week. gentle scrub to treat. The gentle rubbing loosens the scales from the skin and stimulates blood circulation. Regular peels can make the skin more even and thinner.

peelable products

Peel-off masks deeply cleanse the skin by sticking them on the affected areas of the skin. There are different bands to remove, which are particularly popular peelable products for the nose, since enlarged pores often occur there.

Clarifying Masks

Healing earth masks or clay deeply cleanse the skin and are gentle on the skin. Thanks to the absorbent properties, the natural ingredients bind excess sebum and prevent the formation of blackheads and pimples.

Prevent enlarged pores

  • UV Protection: Large-pore skin can be the result of too much sun exposure, as long-term sun exposure damages elastin and collagen fibers. Without sunscreen, the skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, which can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. That’s why you should apply a cream with a sun protection factor every day, whether in winter or summer. There are sun gels that feel like a light cream on the skin and don’t weigh the skin down or clog pores.
  • Do not touch: Do not touch the blackheads or pimples yourself, they could damage or even enlarge the affected pore.
  • Professional cleaning: If you have skin problems, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist or a skin specialist. Here you can get advice on your skin type and choose a treatment. For example, you can have your skin cleansed down to the pores during regular appointments in the beauty salon. This reduces the risk of pimples, blackheads and enlarged pores.
  • Healthy lifestyle: It may seem obvious and common knowledge, but for many people, changing daily habits is the most difficult step towards healthy skin. But a healthy lifestyle is crucial for a clear complexion. Nicotine and alcohol consumption can affect pore size and contribute to impure skin.

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