This is what 100 push-ups a day does for the body

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The push-up is perhaps the most popular fitness exercise in the world. We reveal what happens to your body when you do 100 push-ups a day.

Kassel – Push-ups don’t just train your arms. Done correctly, complex bodyweight exercise can train the body and strengthen almost any muscle group. Dynamic fitness exercise is an extremely efficient and effective exercise and can be performed without additional equipment, reports A popular goal is to do 100 push-ups a day. But what does training bring?

Daily push-ups help get in shape, tone the body and improve overall health. According to a Harvard University study, training with push-ups can even reduce the risk of possible heart disease.

Push-ups work many muscle groups

By moving the arms up and down and the associated body tension in a horizontal position, the following muscle groups are engaged during push-ups:

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  • Shoulders
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  • Breast
  • buttocks
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100 Pushups A Day: Here’s What Happens To Your Body – And Your Mind – During This Workout

Training the whole body with its own weight is a popular fitness goal. But what is the point of bodyweight training really? 100 push-ups a day sounds like a lot, but according to fitness experts, it’s totally doable if you spread the exercise out over the day. At the same time, doing push-ups every day offers more benefits than almost any other exercise. Because with just one workout you strengthen different muscle groups.

Push-ups don’t just train your arms. Done correctly, complex bodyweight exercise can train the body and strengthen almost any muscle group. © Alexander Heinl/dpa

According to former military trainer Mark Lauren, nine minutes a day is enough to get really fit. He swears by his own weight during the exercises. The big advantage is that you train several muscles at the same time. According to Lauren, doing push-ups isn’t just about the pecs and triceps. Your shoulders need to be stabilized, this is done by the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the large back muscle, the latissimus. The core muscles keep the spine straight and the gluteus maximus holds the hips. It’s a full body workout.

You will feel these physical changes if you do 100 push-ups a day:

  • More power: Anyone who regularly does 100 push-ups a day will become much stronger in the medium to long term. Push-ups train your triceps, chest, and shoulder muscles, among other things. After a short time, you will notice that you can do more and more push-ups in one go.
  • Improved stamina: In addition to your physical strength, push-ups also increase your endurance, especially your muscular endurance.
  • Push-ups also affect their minds. You’re in a better mood: Exercise can also dramatically improve a person’s mood. Various studies confirm this positive effect.
  • You will be long term have more interest in sports. Once you get used to using daily sports units, you can hardly live without them. The body is really going to demand the daily athletic unit.
  • Improve the sense of balance: Push-ups improve your balance because balance is important to doing them correctly. At first you are usually still a little shaky – here it helps to tense your abdominal muscles.

The push-ups are suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. That’s why researchers often use it to measure (and test) the fitness of participants in their studies. Strength training, including daily push-ups, can also boost metabolism. A simple exercise can boost fat burning. But also help fight belly fat. (Vivian Werg)

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