These tips make weight loss easier

Diet Change: The Journey to a Wellness Weight Begins in the Mind: These Tips Make Weight Loss Easier

There are countless diets or special forms of nutrition today. But even the best strategy won’t lead you to success if it doesn’t fit into your daily life over the long term.

I’m sure you know that. In the beginning, the motivation is usually strong and you endure almost anything to finally get closer to your goal: scrambled eggs with beans every morning, chicken, broccoli and rice for lunch and a salad in the evening. It might work for a few weeks, but is it really practical in the long run? Probably not for most people.

And as the motivation drops, the discipline isn’t high enough, and the new food doesn’t really fit into your own daily structure, you slowly but surely slip back into your old ways. Again, there is no success.

Here’s how weight loss works in the long run

To be lastingly successful, you need to be physically and mentally in the right position. So break away from some diets and start finding your own personal nutritional strategy that fits into your life long term.

About the Expert

Yasmin Flohr is a certified nutritionist and physical trainer. “No more crash diets” is the motto of her holistic nutritional advice balance code, which she offers online and on site in her practice in Frankfurt am Main. As a person affected by lipoedema, she also accompanies women also affected in the search for a suitable diet.

With these simple rules you create the basic framework for your personal nutritional strategy

drink enough

People often confuse hunger with thirst. So be sure to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. This also includes unsweetened tea, coffee, or sugar-free lemonades in moderation. Always have your drink on hand so, ideally, you never really get thirsty.

Protein-rich meals

Protein has a satiating effect and therefore also reduces appetite. Also, protein keeps blood sugar fairly constant, so there are no later cravings because there is no rapid drop in blood sugar. Good sources of protein include meat and fish, but also eggs and dairy products. There are also many vegetarian or vegan protein sources such as legumes, nuts and seeds, whole grain cereals or soy products.

Complex carbohydrates

Whole grain foods are always better than white flour products, but potatoes or legumes also fill you up in the long run. Because the body takes longer to break down complex carbohydrates, blood sugar levels do not rise as quickly as after consuming simple sugars, such as those found in sugar-based products. white flour or sweets. This keeps you full longer. The fibers it contains also stimulate digestion.

Good sources of fat

Fat does not make you fat. Instead, fat is actually essential for the body’s survival. However, it depends on the right sources. Unsaturated fatty acids are particularly important for the body. They are mainly found in salmon, tuna, nuts, avocados, olives and chia or flax seeds.

vegetables with every meal

Vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals and fiber. Dietary fiber in particular increases the volume of the stomach without providing many calories. They ensure better satiety and also promote digestion.

Want to go deeper into the subject?

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Developing mental strength

Now that the basic nutrition framework has been laid, a good mental attitude is also needed. Because the weaker self is only waiting for a moment of weakness before it can attack. In order to prepare for this, it is helpful to take a moment to think about the real goal and solidify it.

Four Steps to the Right Weight Loss Mindset

You must really want your goal

Many people have half-hearted goals that they pursue with half-hearted commitment. Are you one of them? Take a moment and ask yourself if you really want to achieve your goal 100% – with everything that comes with it. If you now find that your goal is unrealistic, for example, or if you are only pursuing it to please someone else, then you should reconsider your goal and reformulate it if necessary.

Make your goal measurable and concrete

Don’t just set a goal to lose weight or want to live healthier, but make it happen. For example: “I want to lose 7 kilos by day X” or “I cook for myself 5 days out of 7”. Measurable goal setting will motivate you to stay on the ball for the long haul.

Make your goal as specific as possible

Numbers are often very abstract. So it’s best to create a target image in your head. Would you like to lose weight? Then imagine the situation in which you actually achieved your goal: frolicking in the garden with your children without getting out of breath or wearing your favorite dress on the summer barbecue party. Imagine the situation as concretely as possible. You can always reminisce about this photo if you lack motivation on certain days. This concrete goal will certainly motivate you more than an abstract number on the scale.

don’t judge yourself

It’s not always easy to implement new habits consistently from the start, because no one works like a machine. Did your diet not go as well as expected? Thoughts like, “I’m such a loser!” Anyone can do it, but not me!”

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Now go back a few years to when you learned to ride a bike. It certainly didn’t work right away. But your parents probably told you about it and encouraged you to try again. And that’s exactly the way to talk to each other. Don’t judge yourself in times of weakness, but lovingly encourage each other to keep going. No one has ever gained weight on pizza and no one has ever lost weight on a salad. Slippage is not a problem as long as the general direction of travel is correct.

Diet change instead of diet

Diets always involve sacrifice. You may be successful in the short term, but you won’t be able to sustain your long term goal. After all, who wants to be without something for the rest of their life? On the other hand, you will be successful in the long run if you are physically and mentally fit.

So start by turning the little screws: think about your goal and solidify it, because the feel-good weight starts in the head. In a second step, build a new nutritional framework based on the rules mentioned above. Try new foods and start consciously managing your own diet. This way, you will reach your long-term goal without having to give up anything!

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