these seemingly “healthy” foods prevent weight loss

  • Watch out, hidden calorie bombs: Prepare food thickeven if you want to lose weight with
  • Even foods considered healthy often contain a lot sugar
  • here is 7 foodsthat you should only consume in moderation if you want to lose weight

Despite an annoying diet, the pounds simply do not want to tumble? Then it might to some so-called “healthy” foods the lie, which are secret calorie bombs. Having a balanced and healthy diet is often easier said than done. A balanced diet is extremely important, especially during corona restrictions. Many people eat mindfully, try to lose weight with a diet – and yet losing weight often does not work. If you also want to lose weight, but you are still not losing weight: could you be eating one or more of the following foods?

Losing weight not working? These 7 Foods Are Hidden Calorie Bombs

The general rule is: if you take a closer look at industrially processed and preserved products, you will see the nutritional information often high in fat or sugar to. Sugar or other flavoring agents are added to most industrially processed foods, resulting in a high calorie count. The principle applies: homemade is always better!

Below we have an overview of the Food compiled for you, the many more calories have than you might think at first sight.

You should not eat too much of it, especially not if you are on a diet, otherwise the desired success in losing weight may not come true.

1. Dried fruits

As a replacement for unhealthy sweets such as chocolate and the like, many are happy to grab them dried fruit. They are also a varied filling in yoghurts, in smoothies or in muesli. However, the dried version is not as healthy as fresh fruit: depending on the type, the latter contains 15 to 20 grams of natural sugar and some fiber. Just 30 grams of dried fruit (about three to four dates) contains about the same amount of sugar. There exists a large amount of dried fruit Eaten faster than a fresh apple, pear or tangerine or two.

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Anyone who needs a snack substitute for the usual fries in the evening should go vegetable sticks to grab. Carrots and kohlrabi are perfect for crispy, fresh and healthy snacks. You should definitely try our vegetable fries recipe.

point: If you still want it fruity, you should use fresh fruit with a high water content Avoid dried fruit as much as possible.

2. Fruit juice

“Starting today, I’m going to skip sodas and cola and just drink fruit juices, so I’m definitely going to lose weight in no time!” Something like this is common false idea, which has already led countless people wanting to lose weight into the calorie trap. Fruit juices are namely real calorie bombs: A glass of orange juice (100 ml) contains 45 calories, apple juice 46 calories, pineapple juice 53 calories. For comparison: a glass of beer (100 ml) contains 43 calories, a cola 41 calories, a soda 40 calories.

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contains fruit juice crazy amount of fructose. The good news is that fructose is processed differently by the body than conventional liquid sugar found in soft drinks, for example. This is why fructose does not reach the hips as quickly. The bad news is that about 30% of Germans have one Fructose intolerance To suffer. The consequences are a feeling of satiety, flatulence and diarrhea, but also poor concentration and mood swings.

Point: If you want to drink fruit juice, it is better to make one spray From there: Depending on the mixing ratio, you can easily halve the calorie content. Additionally, a juice spray is much more suitable as a thirst quencher than pure, sweet juice. With homemade drinks you know what’s in it: With this sugar-reduced lemonade, refreshment and taste are guaranteed.

3. Smoothies

The smooth consistency is already in the name: the term “smoothies” is derived from the English word “smooth” which means “smooth” or “soft”. herbs fruits, milk and seeds are typical ingredients in pureed drinks – and almost all of them are healthy and nutritious.

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But: smoothies from the supermarket may turn out to be true sugar bombs turn out. According to the Fit for Fun portal, they can contain up to 800 calories and 60 to 80 grams of sugar. The problem: A smoothie usually has a lot of pureed fruit — and fruit has a lot of it. fructose (Fructose).

According to the Federal Nutrition Center, self-blended smoothies made with greens are best, such as celery and spinach Where wild herbs like nettle and dandelion. You can also use a spoon to sweeten honey add. Try our Kale and Cucumber Green Smoothie.

4. Nuts

Nuts are also widely known to be healthy fillers, but they should only be eaten in moderation. That is to say All types of nuts contain healthy fats and valuable nutrients and are good for the heart and blood vessels, but they also contain lots of calories. According to the Federal Nutrition Center, for example, a 100 gram portion of shelled hazelnuts contains 644 kilocalories, while the same portion of chestnuts contains “only” 196.

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Even 100 grams of roasted peanuts contain 585 kilocalories – and such a bag or a can from the supermarket is quickly plastered.

Especially when you are on a diet, all kinds of nuts should only in small portions be eaten.

5. Dips

As a complement to carrot, cucumber or bell pepper sticks, dips look almost perfect. But even in this really useful and healthy side dish Lots of fat and calories hide.

Good advice: avoid Dips from the refrigerated shelf. Pre-made dips included often lots of oils, fats, sugars and preservatives. Homemade dips are better and healthier. In a few minutes, yoghurt, low-fat cottage cheese and fresh herbs can be mixed together to form a tasty, low-calorie cream. Homemade fresh herb cheese is also quick and easy to make and, with the right recipe, absolutely delicious.

A modern twist on the classic dip is Hummus Depending on the recipe, hummus, which is made from healthy chickpeas and is becoming increasingly popular as a snack, may contain a large number of unhealthy oils and other substances intended to prolong the life of the product, for example. Here, too, the motto applies: either carefully check the ingredient list or – even better – do it yourself. Because only then do you know what’s really inside.

6. Black rice

Black rice is considered to be relative to white rice healthier because it contains more protein and fiber. However, if you eat too much of it, you quickly fall into the calorie trap, because black rice also contains a high proportion of carbohydrates.

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The black version is therefore not suitable as a dietary alternative to white rice.

Consumption of only is recommended half a cup of rice a day, intended to serve as a tasty accompaniment to healthy dishes. It is therefore better to eat a little more vegetables instead of more rice.

7. Lawyer

Avocados are more popular than ever: “green gold” should not be missing in any “healthy” household. To the Losing weight is also called “butter fruit”. calorie bomb but probably unsuitable. Avocado is a berry, to be precise. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, potassium and calories. An avocado (about 200 grams) contains about 400-450 calories, so it’s almost a meal in itself.

The surname “Butter” carries the avocado because of the consistency of its pulp. The texture of the shell has also earned it the nickname “alligator pear”. Avocado is a healthy addition to any diet, but like all the foods in this article, it should only in small portions to be appreciated.

Also interesting: If you do without these five foods in your kitchen, you create a good foundation for a balanced lifestyle. The alternatives are also generally healthier and of higher quality.

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