These 6 drinks are particularly low in calories

If you don’t feel like drinking just water all day, you can quickly resort to sugary soft drinks that are high in calories. But it’s better! We’ve got 6 tips for you on how to balance your hydration needs and great taste.

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Drink yourself thin with these tasty thirst quenchers

1. Infused water

A big trend is to enrich the water with natural foods. There are even special bottles that have an extra compartment for berries, herbs, lemons, cucumbers or ginger. In this way, the water remains free of residues and always takes on the desired taste.

2. Organic Essence

If you want to pimp your water, you can also rely on gourmet organic essences that you can find in organic stores or online stores. A few drops of mint essence are enough to refresh an entire gourd. It’s really cheap and also very low in calories.

3. Stimulate the sense of smell

The start-up air up targets our sense of smell. The so-called scented pods give plain water the taste of apple, lime or cola. All without additives and without sugar.

4. Vitamin drinks

Those who cannot do without carbonated drinks should opt for drinks that are lower in sugar and can even be healthy. The Vitamin Well company produces drinks sweetened exclusively with fructose and enriched with a variety of vitamins and minerals. waterdrop also relies on sugar-free cubes, which add vitamins and delicious taste to conventional water.

5. Tea

Prepare yourself a refreshing version of an iced tea without sugar. Black tea or green tea are best as a base. Let the tea cool and fill it with plenty of ice. Then add a few dashes of lemon and the sugar-free refreshment is ready.

6. Coconut Water

This trendy drink also contains only 10-20 kilocalories per 100g and is therefore a real alternative to carbonated drinks if you need a sweet change. Coconut water is also full of vitamins and minerals and is therefore considered very healthy.


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