These 3 side dishes are calorie traps

Spending time with loved ones, giving each other gifts and feasting lavishly – this is what the annual Christmas celebration looks like for most people. While as children we mostly looked forward to giving presents, for us adults, eating with friends and family is the highlight of every Christmas party.

And although we think we should enjoy the beautiful Christmas holiday and not worry about calories, there are people who also want to be careful with their diet at Christmas. Anyone who eats particularly consciously or does not want to interrupt their diet during the holidays can save unwanted extra calories, especially with side dishes. Because if you think that only roasts, sauces and desserts make the difference, you are wrong.

These 3 side dishes are high in calories

In the following we will name high-calorie side dishes and introduce you to lighter and no less tasty alternatives.

1. Kibble

Crispy croquettes are often served with a delicious roast. Unfortunately, the processed potato product provides tons of empty carbs: these cause your blood sugar levels to spike quickly and drop just as quickly. This means that these only fill you up for a short time. Plus, store-bought kibble that’s already fried contains tons of unhealthy saturated fats.

Low calorie alternative: Instead of croquettes, you can serve jacket potatoes or boiled potatoes.

2. Spaetzle

Especially in southern Germany, hearty spaetzle are often served with game, as they absorb the sauce perfectly. But pasta isn’t calorie-free — especially if you cook it with cheese and onions. Delicious Käsespätzle can contain around 300 calories as a side dish (around 150 grams).

Low calorie alternative: For example, mashed sweet potatoes or glazed carrots and parsnips from the oven are delicious and lighter.

3. Potato salad

In many German homes, it is THE quintessential Christmas Eve meal: potato salad with Wiener sausages. And here, too, many calories can hide – especially in salads. If you make your potato salad with high-fat mayonnaise, the dish quickly becomes a calorie bomb.

Low calorie alternative: For example, you can offer a light green salad or a cucumber salad instead of the potato salad. If you are hesitant to abandon the Christmas classic, you should resort to lighter dressings. Prepare the dressing for the salad with yoghurt or broth for example.


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