The Realschule Heiligenhaus wants fitness in the schoolyard

Realschule Heiligenhaus
Introduce movement into short and long pauses

The planned fitness course for the Realschule am Nordring is very expensive. Students will contribute to earning the sum in their own way.

(RP / köh) Principal Sonia Cohen speaks of “currently difficult school conditions”. But that’s exactly what the city’s Realschule am Nordring wants to achieve and is tackling the problem with a major project. It starts with a traditional date: On Friday, April 8, there is a sponsored run on the sports facility in Talburgstraße. It serves both for revenue and advertising purposes.

In the summer of 2022, a course of fitness equipment is to be installed in a part of the college courtyard which has hitherto been little frequented, in order to allow physical education learners, during recess and after-school care time, to get in shape physically. and have fun together. A number of questions are answered in advance.

Are there other benefits of the project? Yes. The area under the fitness trail will be completely unsealed, i.e. the existing closed paving will be removed and replaced with wood chips. This protects against falls from the scaffolding, but above all it is good for the groundwater: it can freely penetrate the ground over a large area and is not evacuated through channels. It is also good against flooding. A tree in the schoolyard also has more space for its roots and to absorb water. What is installed? An outdoor fitness class by Proludic.

Who had the idea ? The “Schoolyard Design” group, which is made up of “Schoolyard Officers”, wanted more sports and recreational equipment. The schoolyard group is led by UNESCO teacher Carsten Jansen.

Who is involved in implementation and funding? The city of Heiligenhaus will fund the entire installation. Heiligenhausen Krasniqi is responsible for preparing the area and installing the equipment. The school has the task of covering the equipment costs of around 17,000 euros. Some of these funds have been saved. The sponsored race should bring in more money in the coffers.


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