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Two weeks ago, my daily life seemed pretty structured. Characterized by training, a strict nutritional plan and my diet was a complete success. Just in time for the end of the diet, I was infected with the corona virus and had to isolate myself at home. Luckily I had a very mild and cold ride and so far no consequential damage. The only problem was: the yo-yo effect in combination with too much free time and no sport.

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What is the yo-yo effect? The yo-yo effect is weight regain after a diet phase. It is mostly unavoidable, and it often ends in gluttony with sweets and usually with products that were not consumed during the diet, because the body feels a huge hunger. I lost almost eight kilograms of body weight during my diet. Thanks to lots of weight training and a high-protein diet, those eight pounds are mostly fat.

Structuring your day allows you to use the time spent in quarantine wisely and not just follow streaming services. ©Mautry

But after the diet, the cravings started after the long abstinence phase. Of course, this immediately increased my body weight, which is why I destroyed the form I had built for ten weeks in about a week. But I learned a lot and took a lot with me for my future nutrition plans. I will try to avoid the yo-yo effect in the future by having a more varied diet.

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Despite the eventual failure on the weight front, I have to say that time has taught me a lot. Sporty, organizational, but above all in terms of discipline and ambition.

boredom and diet

The problem with quarantine: you are not allowed to go out. So my whole day was social media, Netflix, YouTube and podcasts. Once in a while, I lay in the sun and read a book. But the huge amount of free time I now had was probably one of the main reasons for such a yo-yo effect. While dieting, you try to keep yourself busy throughout the day so you don’t have to think about hunger or your next meal. After the diet, it probably would have been more than helpful, but it was difficult to implement due to the limited options.

What also helped me get through the first major lockdown of March 2020 was structuring my day. So I planned each day the day before and set myself certain things each day. For example, I started following the news more regularly to stay informed, started reading again, and started creating new meal plans for my next more balanced diet. I worked on this list every day in order to bring at least some productivity into my day at night. I also tried to control my sleep pattern well. I got up at the same time every morning and tried not to go to bed late at night. Unfortunately, the latter did not always work as desired.

Family life with Corona

I live with my parents in a house, so of course I wanted to avoid seeing them so as not to infect them. So I only left my room to go to the bathroom or to get my food or to prepare it quickly. I always wore an FFP2 mask and made sure my parents weren’t in the same room as me.

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I also sanitized my hands before leaving my room and also sanitized kitchen counters or doorknobs as soon as I left the room to minimize risk to my parents. I was successful with that and neither my mom nor my dad got infected. Marco Mautry

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