The new Volme Gallery fitness center is operational

The Basic-Fit fitness center has opened in the city of Hagen. What is offered there and how many customers have already signed up.

The dominant color is orange. No wonder, after all, that Basic-Fit’s head office is in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Today, Monday October 24, the fitness center opened its doors on the 2nd floor of the Volme Gallery. Athletes or those who want to increase their fitness can now sweat, lift weights or pedal on wheels on an area of ​​1825 square meters.

Hagen is the second branch in Germany

Hagen is the second store Basic-Fit has opened in Germany; Oldenburg started on October 7. “We are on the way to expansion and would like to open a few more clubs in Germany in the coming months,” says Jos Eemstra, expansion manager of the Dutch channel.

For weeks, Basic-Fit has been drumming for its launch in the Volme gallery on social media and on flyers, announcements of opening offers.

How did the residents of Hagen realize that Basic-Fit is setting up a club right in the center of town? “Very well, quite a few people have already signed up, we are really happy with that. As we are a public company, I am not allowed to talk about numbers. But we are already satisfied,” emphasizes Jos Eemstra.

Endurance is a top priority in the front area of ​​the fitness center. Here you can train on treadmills, ellipticals and a total of 14 spinning bikes. In the middle of the area, strength training with slightly lighter weights is offered, towards Friedrich-Ebert-Platz (with a great view of the city center square) is the dumbbell area with some heavy weights.

Customers access it with a card or via an app and QR code and pass through a turnstile.

Eight individual showers

“Two changing rooms are available for the athletes, as well as eight individual showers. “We know from experience of other clubs that individual showers are much more popular with customers than communal showers,” explains the head of expansion. athletes can store their belongings in a number of lockers with colored combination locks.

Amanda Owusu is an employee of the new fitness center. “I work here as a service employee and advise people who have questions about training,” says the cheerful young woman. She will soon be supported by a personal trainer who is hired.

Further information :

The Basic-Fit Fitness Center is open weekdays from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. When the club “gets off to a good start”, it should be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A camera system then monitors the area.

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