The following symptom indicates heart failure

  • The current study shows: Tongue texture may be a sign of heart failure
  • Tongue coating in people with heart disease differs from healthy people
  • Reason for different discolorations: bacteria in the coating of the tongue

Can you tell if you have a weak heart just by looking at your tongue? According to a recent study, microorganisms may play a role in the diagnosis of heart failure (heart failure). language a crucial role. At least that’s what a research team from the “European Society of Cardiology” discovered.

A study proves that a weak heart can be recognized by the coating of the tongue

“The language of patients with chronic heart failure is completely different from that of healthy people,” says study author Tianhui Yuan of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. “Normal tongues are pale red with a pale white coating. Patients with heart failure have a reddish tongue with a yellow coating,” she says. “Furthermore, the appearance changes as the disease progresses.”

In the study, the research team was able to prove that strong current state of research the composition, amount, and dominant bacteria of the tongue coating distinguish between patients with heart failure and healthy people.

In previous research, scientists were able to prove that microorganisms present in the coating of the tongue could be used to identify patients with pancreatic cancer. Even then, the authors suggested this discovery as an option to detect pancreatic cancer as early as possible.

Recognize a weak heart on the tongue: symptom of heart failure

The main cause for this discovery was the discovery that microbiological imbalance triggers inflammation and disease. It is also clear that inflammatory values ​​and the immune system also play a decisive role in heart failure.

In the study, the research team primarily looked at the composition of the tongue microbiome in patients with chronic heart failure and in patients without chronic heart failure. A total of 42 sick participants – and 28 healthy participants as a control group – were regularly tested for the study.

Also, before the study, the researchers made sure that none of the participants had any oral, tongue or dental disease or had been sick in the previous weeks.

Result: Heart failure test groups with different bacterial levels

The result: Patients with heart failure had the same types of microorganisms in their tongue coating. Healthy people also had consistent microbes – but there was no overlap in bacterial levels between the two test groups.

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