The door to the semi-finals is wide open for ECDC Memmingen – Sport im Allgäu

After winning in Tilburg, the Memminger Indians lead 2-0 in the quarterfinals. On Tuesday evening they can already close the bag.

What an absolutely amazing Indians playoff series! They had already brought the “Hexenkessel Hühnerberg” almost to a boil on Friday evening. And now they continued to Tilburg. After the 4:3 in memmingen and the 5: 4 in Tilburg, both times after extra time, is an ice hockey league ECDC Memmingen now one victory away from the semi-finals. He now has three opportunities in the “best-of-five” series to get it. The first is on Tuesdays from 7:30 p.m. in Memmingen.

The “trappers” will try everything: It certainly won’t be a surefire hit. An old hockey adage says that the last win in a playoff series is always the hardest. Even without the wisdom of the ancestors, it can be said that the ECDC can expect a tough fight on Tuesday. Because the “trappers and trappers” (German for trappers) from the Netherlands will throw everything they have to offer in the third game of the series. At least that’s what their coach “Dave” Livingston announced after Game 2 in an interview with internet broadcaster SpradeTV.

Unnecessary disc losses and too lax defensive work of the ECDC

Too lax defensive work and too much space for trappers: In order to beat the three-time German Oberliga champions for a third time and thus ensure a big surprise, the Indians must absolutely deactivate one thing: their sometimes too lax defensive work, their half-hearted attacks in certain situations. What was already apparent in the first game continued in the second game. Unnecessary loss of discs, coupled with too little bite in defensive situations, caused several goals.

This was also revealed in both games by Linus Svedlund, who was again voted ‘Defender of the Year’. On the other hand, the Swede also scored several ECDC goals with his dizzying pace breaks and his eye for the optimal teammate – notably Sergei Topol’s winner in Tilburg. With his three goals, the Russian was one of the winners of the Indian game.

One of them was Marco Eisenhut, who once again did an outstanding job in the Memminger Tor. But he too had to get behind him four times in the “Ijssportcentrum Stappegoor”. As in the first game, those in front left too much room for Tilburg’s top forwards to develop in certain situations. And when top strikers like Brett Bulmer and Max Hermens receive such friendly invitations to score, they don’t need to be asked twice.

Tilburg team can’t stand pressure from Memmingen

On the other hand, Memmingen also blocked many shots in Tilburg and put a lot of pressure on the opponent on the forecheck. This prompted Dutch commentators to Sprade TV at the end of the first third at the analysis that Tilburg could not cope with the pressure from Memming. However, ECDC once again demonstrated their attacking qualities well above average. Not only with Topol’s three goals, but also with Max Lukes’ 1-0, which put the Indians in fourth place. And of course the equalizer to make it 4:4, which was scored in the 55th minute by play-off top scorer “Jaro” Hafenrichter – after another brilliant preliminary work by Linus Svedlund, by the way.

Indians in better physical shape than Tilburg: Another factor that ensured the Indians victory away to Tilburg was the obvious better physical condition of the team coached by Sergej Waßmiller. In addition, there was calm and determination to make up for three deficits. This was also noticed by the two Dutch commentators. They called their team Sprade TV in the closing stages of the third period: “Looks like Tilburg is tired. Let’s go boys! We need to work more aggressively on the puck.”

The big favorite of the Netherlands wavers on the defeat

But while the big favorite from the Netherlands was slowly reeling towards defeat and was clearly on the gums, the Allgäu still had plenty of gas in the tank. Unsurprisingly, they also decided the second overtime period in their favor. The Indians can now – after the 3-0 sweep against Herne in the round of 16 – eliminate the supposed ‘Goliath Tilburg’ with the maximum penalty of 3-0.

A new chapter in the history book: Regardless of what else they achieve, the Indians have already written a new chapter in their club’s history. A word appears there – always with a question mark – which until recently no one on the Memminger Hühnerberg had even dared to dream of. It reads as follows: Oberliga semi-finals.

Fan info: Tickets for Game 3 are available online at, and tickets will also be available at the box office. All corona restrictions have now been lifted. This means that there are no longer any specific rules for accessing or using the event. Additionally, there is no mask requirement in the stadium.

Summary of the second ECDC quarter-final

  • Result: Tilburg “Trappers” – ECDC Memmingen 4:5 (0:1; 3:1; 1:2; 0:1) after extra time.
  • Goals: 0:1 (10:03) Lukes (defender, Pfalzer), 1:1 (21:52) Hermens (Bulmer, van der Schuit), 2:1 (25:11) van Soest (Hermens, Bulmer – PP1 ), 2:2 (30:19) Topol (Pohl, Huhn), 3:2 (32:37) Hermens (van Soest, van Oorschot – PP1), 3:3 (41:13) Topol (Ahlroth, Pekr) , 4:3 (52:10) de Hondt (Hofland, Stempher), 4:4 (54:58) Hafenrichter (Pekr, Svedlund), 4:5 (63:58) Topol (Svedlund).
  • Penalty minutes: Tilburg six – Memmingen ten.
  • Referees: Referees: Cespiva and Perlitz; Line judges: Behrendt and Tanko.
  • Line-up: Played for ECDC: goalkeeper: Eisenhut (60:00), Deske, Vollmer – defender: Kittel, Svedlund; Raab, box; Jiranek, Schirrmacher; Bergen – Attack: Hafenrichter, Peter, Pohl; Topol, Ahlroth, Pekr; Nirschl, chicken, Pfalzer; Denarius, Lukes, Pole.

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