The company is looking for candy testers and offers high salaries!

Updated: 08/05/2022 – 18:15

dream job, right?
What a job offer: the company is looking for candy testers and offers high salaries!

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Eat candy all day and get paid for it. It sounds like a dream job. And this is now really offered by a company.

A profession that you would surely like: candy tester. A company now offers it and pays for it very well.

What would be your dream job? You may be thinking now what it would be like if you were paid to sleep all day. Or how great it would be if you were paid a hefty sum to snack all day. Stop, stop dreaming, remember now for sure. Because such professions do not exist! Where is it? Because a Canadian company now seems to be offering real luxury work for a lot of money. The company is looking for a candy tester and is really making money.

Brilliant job offer: The company is looking for candy testers and offers high salaries!

This job offer from a Canadian company proves that dream jobs do exist! Because what else should it be but a dream job when you’re employed as a candy tester. And such a person is wanted. Everything is even paid for with 100,000 Canadian dollars per year. That’s the equivalent of around 76,000 euros – and that’s a hefty sum just to eat chocolate, gummy bears and the like.

But much remains to be tried. About 3,500 sweets per month are specified. Does it still look like a land of milk and honey or does it already look like bad high blood sugar? If the person tested should develop diabetes as a result, he is not insured against this and other consequential health damage with the employer Candy Funhouse. But at least the company is donating dental insurance with the unusual job offer. Well, that’s something.

Candy tester boss dream job: here are the requirements

So, now you want to know if you can apply for this job. If you like to eat candy and you are over 5 years old, you can do it. Because these are the requirements to become Candy General Manager at Candy Funhouse. With this title, you would even be above the other three candy testers. So you would be their boss.

So, are you almost writing your apps now? Then put the pen down. Because we still have to tell you one requirement that is necessary for this job that we think you probably won’t meet. You must live in North America to be eligible for this position. Now pack your bags and plan to move, because you don’t want to miss that mega job? So good luck to you!

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