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This time, TV chef Tarik Rose and nutritionist Matthias Riedl present cooking classics and hearty home cooking. Does it go with a healthy diet? Yes, because often all it takes is a few tips and tricks to turn a high-calorie meal into a healthy and tasty meal.

A minestrone full of vitamins

doctor Matthias Riedl (left) and Tarik Rose present delicious and healthy cooking.

For a hearty, warming soup, for example, you don’t need meat, cream or butter. The vegetables make the broth. For a minestrone full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, the top chef and nutrition expert selected parsnips, parsley roots, fennel, carrots and celery. These vegetables are particularly aromatic. There is also tomato passata and oriental spices. It’s got great flavor and a few nutritional surprises: chilli stimulates blood circulation, cumin helps with stomach and intestinal issues, and turmeric reduces inflammation.

Mustard Celebration with Chutney and Light Sauce

The second course is served with mustard feasts. As long as you skip the high-fat sauce, they’re a healthy treat in every way. Each egg contains about nine grams of easily digestible protein. There are also important minerals. Tarik Rose uses broth and sour cream for the sauce. It not only has moderate fat levels but also a perfect blend of minerals for healthy bones and teeth. Mustard can also score points in terms of health. The shaker supports the digestive tract and helps relieve colds and inflammation. The taste of the kitchen classic is topped with a chutney of mustard seeds and spinach.

Labskaus – not classic, but healthy

Finally, there is a North German classic: Labskaus. The traditional sailor’s dish is well known as a hearty porridge made from dried meat, potatoes, onions and beets. In the kitchen of Tarik Rose and Matthias Riedl, savory charcuterie is replaced by roast hip steaks. In addition, the ingredients are not returned to the meat grinder, but prepared separately. This is not a classic Labskaus, but a healthy and extremely tasty variant.

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Celebration of spinach mustard and chutney arranged on a plate.  © NDR Photo: Florian Kruck

Along with aromatic mustard seeds and honey chutney, Tarik Rose serves the eggs with a classic mustard sauce. Continued

Minestrone served in a bowl with oriental spices.  © NDR Photo: Tarik Rose

The spice mix zatar with lots of wild thyme gives a special touch to the light vegetable soup. Continued

Labskaus-style beef and beet steaks arranged on a plate.  © NDR Photo: Tarik Rose

The beet is baked with potatoes in the oven and then fried in the pan. Serve with poached eggs. Continued

The chef chops parsley © © Esther Hildebrandt - Photo: Esther Hildebrandt

All recipes from NDR shows, a video cooking school and tips for storing and preparing various foods. Continued

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The nutrition docs in the barge kitchen, from left to right: Silja Schäfer, Jörn Klasen, Anne Fleck and Matthias Riedl.  © NDR/ZS Verlag/Claudia Timmann

Food as medicine: The Nutrition Docs helps people who are almost in despair over their massive health problems. Continued


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