The best Android apps to keep fit

If you always have your smartphone with you, you can use it for many things. Android fitness apps are very popular right now. These help evaluate the information from the tracker and convert it into clear results. If you want to work consistently on your fitness, you should not only collect the data via the tracker, but also have it optimally evaluated. This is the only way to improve the training effect. So get off the couch, even if an attractive €7 no deposit bonus in the online casino is tempting.

Not just fitness, but wellness

Modern apps not only serve to evaluate training results, but also provide help in everyday life. There are also functions that deal with well-being by helping to prevent stress. Due to such numerous features, it is not easy to make a decision among the wide range of apps.

To help you choose, we’ve compiled some important things to consider when choosing a fitness app in this article. If not, it’s probably worth asking about experiences with one app or the other. There are now many communities that exchange information on fitness related topics. You will surely find some interesting tips there. In order to choose a suitable app, you should also consider how it works. This is exactly the subject of the next section.

Here’s how fitness and health apps work

You can think of these apps as a notebook, so to speak, in which all daily activity and training data is jotted down. Depending on the scope of the program, this also includes mental health and nutrition information. It is therefore very voluminous data that is not only collected there, but also processed. Most people use fitness trackers or smartwatches to train. Above all, the Android app uses sensors and algorithms to create its accurate reports and clear statistics.

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Sensors provide a lot of data

Of course, the more sensors available, the more accurate the data and its evaluation. These include the motion sensors and pedometer, as well as an altimeter and navigation functions. Some devices also have a heart rate sensor or an ECG sensor. There are also other sensors such as bioimpedance sensors which provide information on sleep, heart rate or respiratory rate. However, this large amount of data must then be read and interpreted correctly. The algorithm helps in the next step. This requires certain data that the user must enter about himself. These include weight, height, age and gender. The collected data can then be calculated and edited in reports.

Highly Recommended Android Apps

Of course, everyone must decide for themselves which app is best for them. Here it is sometimes individual preferences that make you tend towards this or that app. In general, however, it can be said that there are particularly recommendable programs that you should take a closer look at if you are looking for a modern fitness app. This includes, for example, the Nike Fitness app. Here you can get various workout routines which are excellent for practicing at home. There are videos, so it’s easy to implement the training yourself.

The wellness and nutrition tips are also helpful, as are the special promotions that come up time and time again.

Fitness and health check

The Withings Fitness app is also very popular. It provides detailed health reports and is especially useful for sleep tracking and weight monitoring. This makes it a particularly useful aid when losing weight, but also for problems with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

If you sometimes lack motivation, you should take a closer look at the FitTrack Fitness app. She also registers small advances, which motivates everyone to continue. It is also convenient that you can also use it in a group. Fitness is even more fun in community.

Image: Shutterstock (Monkey Business Images)

Image: Shutterstock (Monkey Business Images)

Compatibility with Garmin and Google

We can also recommend the Garmin Fitness app. She helps with the creation of individual workouts and gives personal advice on how to improve your fitness. In addition, the precise analysis of this software, in which priorities can be set, inspires. It is also well thought out that this application can be synchronized with others. This guarantees an even better training result. If the competitive nature helps you, you can use the app to challenge your friends to a competition.

Google Fitness app uses proven reward system as you can collect hearts with this app. This application was developed by Google in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA). Collecting hearts will motivate you better and keep you training. Your heart will thank you. Google Health app activity monitoring uses the sensors of Android smartphones or Wear OS smartwatches and reliably evaluates all data. Additional tips help optimize training.

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