Sweden says: lose weight like the Scandinavians

  • What is the Swedish diet?
  • Where does the name come from ?
  • How does it work and what does the diet promise?

Fashionable Scandinavians are not only stylish when traveling, they also know exactly how to stay slim and fit when it comes to nutrition. In this article, you will find out how you can easily apply the Swedish diet yourself.

What’s behind Sweden-Dit?

Behind the Swedish diet is a simple diet based on proteins and good for health fats instead of carbohydrates. It is said to boost metabolism and speed up digestion, which aids in weight loss. It not only supports a healthy and balanced diet, but also offers variety and is rich.

Depending on your motivation, this diet can be used for two to three weeks – or longer. Because they have enough Vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids and proteins book, the Swedish diet is not a health hazard, unlike many other diets. In addition, there are no deficiency symptoms, as the blood sugar level is also deliberately kept constant.

However, with this diet, pasta lovers in particular should look for alternatives. Cereals and pasta are not allowed. On the other hand is it low carb diet easy to implement and can even better support weight loss through sports activities.

Where does the name come from ?

As the name suggests, the diet has its origins in Sweden and can be traced back to a Swedish sports scientist. The real goal was not the weight loss itself, but that optimal replenishment of glycogen stores before the competitions of athletes.

The Schweden-Dit is also used for kidney diseases, for example. This diet was originally developed to treat chronic kidney failure.

Today, it’s used by influencers as a magic bullet to stay lean and fit.

How does it work and what does the diet promise?

The meal plan is quite simple. Scandinavians divide foods into three groups:

  • Authorized foods: Mushrooms, above-ground vegetables (tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, peppers, etc.), all types of meats and fish, nuts and seeds, eggs, moderate to high fat dairy products, water and green tea today
  • Foods occasionally allowed: Vegetables that grow underground (carrots, beets, potatoes, etc.), one low-sugar fruit per day (raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, papaya, etc.), dark chocolate
  • Prohibited foods: Refined oil, margarine, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, muesli, candies, baked goods, juices, cereals, starch

Since there are hardly any strict rules, the Swedish diet is probably just as popular. Nevertheless, for convenience, fruits and vegetables should not be neglected. If you want to lose weight, you need to exercise regularly and use the full range of permitted foods.

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