“Stop the war! 100 billion euros for education and health instead of rearmament!

Entitled “Stop the war! 100 billion euros for education and health, instead of arms! ”, the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) organized an online discussion with students from the Humboldt University (HU) of Berlin last Monday, in which around 60 interested parties took part . This was the first of two university group IYSSE campaign events for the university’s Student Parliament (StuPa) elections.

list candidate Gregory Kahl began by emphasizing the importance of the IYSSE’s electoral campaign: the Trotskyist organization of young people and students was building a socialist movement against fascism and war. She is the only competing list to have placed the fight against militarism at the center of her electoral campaign – and this at a university that plays a central role in the ideological preparation for war.

More recently, the deputy of the IYSSE Sven Wurm in an open letter to the presidium of HU demanded that support for far-right and violent professor Jörg Baberowski be permanently stopped. The open letter and announcement of the event were very well received by students as the event approached. Amid the daily escalation of the war in Ukraine and the unprecedented rearmament of the Bundeswehr, according to Kahl, the fight against German militarism is becoming increasingly topical.

For the main contribution, the IYSSE Christophe Vandreier invited the president of the Socialist Equality Party (SGP) and the authors of the book “Why are they back?”. Vandreier stressed that the danger of nuclear war is greater than ever. He explained in detail that the brutal war in Ukraine was a proxy war of the NATO powers against Russia, which the imperialist powers had been planning and provoking for years.

Since the Maidan coup – orchestrated by Germany and the United States and carried out by far-right forces – the right-wing regime in kyiv has been waging a war against the Russian-speaking population in eastern Ukraine . The reactionary invasion by the Russian military, Vandreier said, was also an expression of the historical bankruptcy of Russian nationalism and must be strictly opposed. The struggle for the unity of the Ukrainian, Russian, European and international working class is necessary.


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