Sport Union Neckarsulm/women’s handball: Sport Union Neckarsulm wavers on relegation from the federal LIGA women’s handball

Mental protection of SUN players not given before the match in Zwickau… How do you treat Mart Aalderink, the assistant coach of Tanja Logvin?

After the defeat in Zwickau, which was to be expected after the performances at the Ballei against Bayer 04 Leverkusen, especially when you know the state in which the club finds itself despite many volunteers within the club, where a former, naive and manager wise overwhelmed chairman appointed Rolf Härdtner as the first board member to lead the fortunes, where a rhetorically very weak Rolf Härdtner stumbles from one misstep to the next and, faced with the menacing descent, babbles about the calm, calm and calmer, which naturally cannot exist in the face of such a threatening situation, because each defeat, each confrontation between the coach and the fans, especially the BLUE WALL, can only bring new shocks and excitement.

The most faithful of the faithful... The Blue Drummer Boyzzz... Andy on the right... who was once verbally abused by the coach and is waiting for an apology... Photo by Wolfgang Merkel
Ballei fans from an unusual point of view... there is a lot upside down in the Ballei... Photo Wolfgang Merkel

It certainly doesn’t help that many players are mentally shaken after games and some of them end up crying…
Mart SAalderink, the Dutch and very balanced assistant coach of the Dutch handball school, which focuses on youth work, would be the great alternative, which unfortunately was not even considered by the chairman of the board completely overwhelmed… This is how Mart Aalderink and Tanja Logvin, world handball player and world coach, silently walking side by side in Zwickau, unemployed Mart Aalderink on the bench, Tanja Logvin pacing along the line. She should resign, she knows it, but she has a comfortable contract until the summer of 25…

Could have shrewdly sat on the bench as caretaker coach at Zwickau, which he won't.  The president of SUN, Rolf Härdtner, prevents the necessary and logical dismissal of Tanja Logvin, who has definitively failed... Even a victory in Zwickau, very uncertain in the 4-point match, would not change anything.  She can no longer join the team... The players (Moser and Companeras) must stand in front of her, who stands in the corner, and around her "Beats"to be protected...absolutely...President Rolf Härdtner (many bakeries in Ba-Wü) fails here blatantly and deeply frighteningly and must one day be held responsible for the potential damage to the health of the players (BVB!! /Blomberg Lippe !! ) such as burnout, bulimia, nightmares, very dark nights and early mornings etc... Photo Archive Merkel

President (CEO of SUN) Rolf Härdtner completely overwhelmed with the management of a Bundesliga women’s handball club…his hesitation and ignorance could plunge the Bundesliga club into the abyss…complete and frightening in his dimensions

SUN is now at 4:18 points, Zwickau is ahead with 7:15 points, concretely in place 11 and will certainly remain so until the home games against Union Halle Neustadt (February 4, 2023, 6 p.m.) and VfL Waiblingen (home game/Ballei/February 11, 2023). Decisive weeks until February 11, then comes the away game in Wellinghofen against Grijseels, Olsson, Rönning, ten Holte, where a smash in front of the giant stand in Wellinghofen threatens the black and yellow wall, which against the THC just (Wednesday) 60 minutes the team unconditionally ahead whipped…
If there were 4 points left at home in the Ballei against Halle and Waiblingen, 8:18 points would be on the positive side and it would look a little better… Should… subjunctive… the indicative receded far in the background with the SUN, which also depends on the fact that the president of the club, bound by loyalty to the Nibelungs, is unable to make the necessary decisions. These would be: the dismissal of Tanja Logvin, the dismissal of Gerhard Huser, the resignation of Rolf Härdtner, who is too old, rhetorically too weak, analytically overwhelmed and very weak in terms of leadership and not perceiving his ethical-empathetic response to the players , proclaiming calm, calm , helpless staggers and the women’s handball department, especially the first team, is torn into the abyss… the EXODUS of the first team looms in the background, which would trigger a huge setback if they were relegated. Sarah Wachter, Valentyna Salamakha, Anita Polackova, Carmen Moser, Fatos Kücükyildiz, Olga Gorschenina and Lin Johannsen… EVERYTHING would go… the SUN would have to build a brand new team that would eventually play against relegation from the second division…

The multiple Russian national player Olga Gorschenina, makes it a so-called royal mutation, which has been causing problems since the start of the round... Should again lead the game at 4 points in Zwickau.  We wonder what director Fatos Kücükyildiz will do then... will she be sitting on the bench like Carmen Moser, Annefleur Bruggemann, Amber Verbraeken... We wonder if Laila Ihlefeldt and Svenja Mann will next play Ketsch against Mainz 05 or in Zwickau sitting on the bench... Does Tanja Logvin want to let 7.6 outfield players pass...?  Whether the 7-man outfield variant with Sarah Wachter is repeated in training or not... whether Carmen Moser gets a chance to play in time... whether Lin Johannsen gets special tasks... whether... Merkel+Merkel photo archive


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See Ketsch, who in the second year after being relegated from the first LIGA is in the penultimate place, a relegation zone, and has now obtained the second right of play from Laila Ihlefeldt and Svenja Mann, whose parents have massively demanded playing time for their daughters… Um The club board agreed to put this to rest after Romina Hessler from Ketsch (sports manager) told me a few weeks ago that Tanja Logvin would definitely prevent this , depending on personal circumstances. Well… what Rolf Härdtner deliberately hid from the fans during the Fan Talk as information, the fans who need to be reassured, who are not taken seriously, who are supposed to do the voluntary work, but that President Rolf Hardtner, who, given his obvious excessive demands, should resign, also for reasons of age. HE CAN’T RUN A BUNDESLIGA CLUB…that’s two to three sizes too big for him, at least… right/

Wolfgang Merkel/Hassloch/Dortmund/Maspalomas/Havana

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