Sophia Thiel reveals her weight and body fat percentage

Sophia Thiel is not satisfied with courageously facing the difficult years that have passed. She also takes her fans on her journey to a new body with a healthy dose of exercise. For starters, she even shared the results of her medical visit.

Fitness influencer Sophia Thiel (27) recently surprised and delighted with a daring before-and-after comparison. In doing so, she showed that she finally felt comfortable again after the tough battle with her eating disorder. At the same time, she announced that she wanted to return to training after a long sports break. She wants to get back in shape, but in a moderate and healthy way. She was therefore examined by a doctor. Sophia Thiel also shared the result – including weight and body fat percentage.

Sophia Thiel at the health check

The 27-year-old has now posted a series of photos on Instagram that show her having a checkup. For this, the blonde visited the Center for Prevention and Sports Medicine at the Technical University of Munich and was put to the test there. Part of this investigation also involved determining Sophia Thiel’s weight and body fat percentage. Two parameters that his followers apparently ask him again and again. That’s why the influencer decided to go public with this part of her journey to a healthier life as an athlete.

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The purpose of the medical visit

In a new YouTube video, Sophia Thiel takes her fans to the University of Munich for a check-up. There she clarifies with Prof. Dr. Defeat the survey objective first. Sophia would like to have her current fitness, body composition and health checked. From there, recommendations are then derived for your training goal, performance enhancement. As the 27-year-old explains, she wants to build muscle mass and define her muscles without dieting. His weekly training schedule currently looks like this: “I do five high-intensity weight training sessions, each lasting an hour and a half. I do 30 minutes of cardio four times a week. And two days are rest days.

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Sophia Thiel is in such great shape right now

Sophia is very open about the results of her check-up in the video. Fortunately, all of this is positive. Cardiac ultrasound, stress ECG and lung examination show that your organs are healthy. When measuring lactate, it becomes clear that Sophia still has room for improvement when it comes to fitness. Incidentally, the later the lactate in the body increases during exercise, the fitter you are. In order to optimize her physical condition, the expert recommendation for Sophia is: Ergometry training, e.g. B. on the treadmill, elliptical, or bicycle.

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Sophia Thiel weighs so much now

Everything is exciting and useful, as Sophia Thiel thinks. But what really interests you is what about body fat percentage and weight? Because she knows that’s exactly what her fans want to know. The influencer’s body fat percentage is 26%, slightly higher than the average for women her age. However, at the same time, their muscle percentage is well above average, Professor Dr. Salle points out. The ratio of fat to muscle shows how well-trained Sophia is. And then Sophia Thiel finally reveals her weight: 88 kilos.

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At the same time, the successful athlete explains why it is important for her to go public. Because there is more than wanting to satisfy the curiosity of your followers: “I haven’t weighed myself for a long time and I didn’t want to know a number. He used to save my day when I lost weight and ruined my day when I had gained weight. When I first started working out I wanted to weigh 50 pounds and I know a lot of women who want that. This weight is not right for everyone. Everyone should discover his optimal weight on his own. For comparison: even in my strongest moments, I weighed 68 kg.”

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