Sophia Thiel amazes with an honest confession

Sophia Thiel collected donations from “Ein Herz für Kinder” and made an astonishing statement.Image: imago images


Vera Siebnich

Fitness influencer Sophia Thiel was one of many stars who raised money for a good cause at ‘Ein Herz für Kinder’. Speaking to Cathy Hummels, she revealed a stunning detail about her outfit.

Sophia Thiel: amazing detail on her outfit

Sophia Thiel appeared particularly elegant that evening. Despite the stress of the date, it was very important for the influencer to be present at the event, explained Cathy Hummels, which Thiel confirmed shortly after. The influencer not only impressed with her presence, but also with her outfit. She had opted for a strapless black dress, which she associated with long gloves. Another eye-catcher: the glittering corset. But that presented some challenges for the 27-year-old, as she revealed.

Influencer Sophia Thiel shows off her new hairstyle during a photo shoot.  Sophie Thiel is one of Germany's most famous fitness stars.  (to dpa

During the gala, the influencer revealed a secret outfit.Image: dpa / Peter Kneffel

Because when Hummels complimented her on her outfit, Thiel revealed a surprising detail about her dress. When the two talked about a possible new record donation amount for a good cause, Hummels noted that it couldn’t be because of Sophia’s dress if the goal was missed. “You have to get up, please,” she asked her interlocutor.

Afterwards, Hummels also gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look. “You were more or less sewn into your dress too. Mariah Carey two point zero?” she asked. The comparison with the pop diva, who already revealed years ago that she often has her clothes tailored to her body, was of course obvious. And Sophia Thiel answered very honestly:

“I really wanted to have my own dress made. A corset like it was when women were really tied up so they could barely breathe.”

Apparently it worked, the dress and the corset fit me. But the fitness influencer says the path hasn’t been easy. “It’s always a challenge with my body shape,” she clarified.

Cathy Hummels is thrilled

But for tonight, she took up the “challenge” brilliantly. “It looks great,” enthused Cathy Hummels during the interview. After the interview, Thiel went to her house on the phone. She hoped they would “collect a lot of donations” that night, as she told Hummels. They seem to have succeeded: at the end of the evening, “Ein Herz für Kinder” announces that a proud donation of 24,236,721 euros has been collected.

Cathy Hummels faces criticism after almost every Instagram post – whether it’s her choice of outfits or showing her pixel-less son Ludwig once again. On Dec. 15, she posted several childhood photos of herself, and even these didn’t turn out to be trivial. This time, however, the comments weren’t about the actual images.

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