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The “Sarrezwerge” nursery in Wanzleben-Börde now participates in the AOK health promotion program “JolinchenKids – Fit and healthy in the nursery”. Today, the daycare kicked off the project with a party. JolinchenKids is aimed at children in nurseries and nurseries and aims to teach them a healthy lifestyle. Emphasis is also placed on the health of teachers. The project will last three years in total.

Wanzleben-Börde / June 24, 2022 – Over the next three years, the daycare will gradually embed the five program modules – nutrition, exercise, mental well-being, parental involvement and educator health – into daily daycare life. Educators and parents are closely involved in the planning and implementation of the individual stages. The AOK provides support with learning materials and expert knowledge. Children, parents and educators should be inspired to lead healthy lives.

JolinchenKids is individually adapted to each nursery and takes local conditions into account. An important element is the physical and mental health of educators. After all, daycare involves a lot of stress. Unfavorable postures, high noise levels or time pressure are usually the order of the day. In addition to workshops, there are also courses and counseling offerings to promote the health of educators.

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JolinchenKids uses the formative phase of childhood to set the stage for healthy education at an early stage. In addition to a healthy diet and a wide range of exercise, children’s mental well-being is also a priority.

Because if children have sufficient psychological resilience, they can develop well even under stressful conditions.

Since the national launch in 2014, 117 nurseries have already taken part in “JolinchenKids”. So far, more than 8,400 children and their parents as well as 1,400 educators have been reached. The AOK Saxony-Anhalt currently takes care of 31 installations. 14 more will be added this year.

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