Slim down with a juice cleanse: that’s how the trend works!

Juice cures are very trendy. Stars like Jennifer Aniston swear by this method, among other things to keep in shape. Dozens of juice stores offer cold-pressed juice online or in-store. But how does a juice cleanse work? How long should a cleanse last and can you really lose weight with a juice cleanse?

How does a juice cleanse work?
A juice cleanse is very simple. All you have to do is give up solid foods for a while. Instead, cold-pressed juices are on the menu, complemented by unsweetened tea and plenty of water. The duration of the juice cleanse varies and can last up to a week. During this time, up to six juices are drunk per day. You shouldn’t consume juice though, as many of them are just full of sugar. It’s best to get a pre-packaged juice cleanse, like the Live Fresh Juice Cleanse.

Because with these juice cleanses you can be sure that they are filled with valuable ingredients that you need during your juice cleanse. Before embarking on a juice cleanse, you should give yourself two days off during which you will largely avoid fatty and sugary foods. After the juice cure comes the breaking of the fast. You should not go back to your normal diet during this time, as your body must first get used to solid foods again after a juice cleanse. First, eat only small portions of fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of a juice cleanse
Already during your juice cleanse you will notice that you will soon feel more energetic again. Because the reason for our fatigue and apathy often lies in poor nutrition. By doing a juice cleanse, you are giving your body a break. You will also see that you will lose a few pounds thanks to a juice cure. This is mainly because you eat fewer calories and the body becomes dehydrated. But be careful: if you resume your normal diet after the juice cure, you will quickly regain the lost pounds. Juice cleanses are ideal for starting a new, healthier diet. Because to lose weight permanently, it is important to have a more balanced and healthier diet and to exercise. Sports that are also suitable for those who do not like sports are dancing for amateurs or swimming for beginners.

By the way, opinions vary widely on how many times a year you can do a juice cleanse. Juice cleansers say you can do a juice cleanse about four times a year.

Juice cleanse tips
Going through a juice cleanse is not easy. That’s why we have three tips here with which you can easily stick to the juice cleanse.

Tip 1: Period
Choose a time when you are a little more relaxed. A long weekend or holiday is ideal.

Tip 2: Mindfulness training
A juice cleanse can push you to your limits. Mindfulness exercises are ideal for feeling your body and recharging your batteries.

Tip 3: Health status
Only start a juice cleanse if you are truly healthy. It is best to have your doctor examine you first.

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