Skipping rope: These 5 reasons speak for intensive rope skipping

At jumping rope many certainly think of performance tests in physical education classes, where the lungs were burning, or the colored fabric ropes of childhood. But we should free ourselves from this image. In fact, jumping rope is one of the most effective workouts ever! In this article, we give you five good reasons why you should put on your sports shoes today and give jump rope a try.

All good reasons to jump rope at a glance:

5 Reasons to Include Jump Rope in Your Workout Plan

can jump rope as a warm-up or as a full body workout serve, but even after an intensive sports unit, he can again demand the last reserves of strength. For these reasons is it worth swinging the rope:

1. The rope is suitable for all fitness levels

Anyone who has no problems with the joints is suitable for this sport. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. When jumping rope everyone really reaches their limits. While beginners are usually exhausted after five minutes, experienced jumpers can count on demanding jumping techniques and more repetitions.

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If you want to build muscle, you can also use weights when jumping. But beware: this puts a lot of strain on the joints! (Photo:

2. You train endurance and strength in one

Jumping rope is difficult, but the effort is worth it: if you jump for five minutes, you train as effectively as if you had to run a distance of 1.5 kilometers. In addition, not only an effective cardio workout is completed here, muscle building is also stimulated – a ideal fat burning blend.

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How to burn fat with this cardio sport? by you Vary the exercises and build difficult jumps. With the so-called squat jumps, for example, the legs are pulled up, so that the leg muscles burn properly at the end. Faster strokes also define your arm muscles.

That’s not all, yours too Improved balance and sense of rhythm. Tip: If you need more coordination, jump across the rope barefoot.

3. Your abs will be trained from the side

Not only can the legs and arms be defined when jumping rope, especially the stomach benefits from this training. Because a flat six-pack doesn’t just need crunches: women in particular need to do their own Reduce body fat percentage to see results. Jumping rope is ideal for achieving this goal.

When jumping rope, fat burning is stimulated like almost no other sport. 15 minutes of jumping burns up to 250 kcal! Only 150 kcal are normal during this period. The afterburn effect should also not be hidden, so that you in the end up to 400 kcal can consume.

Point: Watch out for a jumping straight posture and keep your core straightto give your abs a challenging workout.

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4. Jumping rope strengthens your core

When you jump rope, you can be Get your heart rate up and do something good for your cardiovascular system. If you’re relying on a heart rate monitor, you can approach the whole thing professionally and Heart rate varies during the jumpnot. What’s the point? Changing between the aerobic and anaerobic zone allows you to achieve maximum training success.

rope woman
Saving the best for last: jumping rope not only keeps you fit physically, but also mentally! (Photo: shutterstock/Jacob Lund)

5. Rope training trains the mind

Getting stuck in the jump rope is boring. But no one said this sport was easy. here you go maximum concentration required and the under maximum physical stress. If you can focus on timing, your reflexes, and the sequence of movements under an increased heart rate, you will not only be fit physically, but also mentally.

Jumping rope is a tough workout for the whole body

Whether you’re using the jump rope as a warm-up or as a heavy-duty full-body workout unit, you need to approach it slowly. Then Jumping rope puts a lot of strain on your joints and ligaments. To avoid injury, you must observe the following instructions:

  • Jump on the front foot and flat. Don’t jump too high.
  • the The knees always remain slightly bent.
  • hold yours arms close to the body. Only the wrists and forearms allow the rope to turn.
  • Your Look straight ahead.
  • After your workout, remember that Cool including some stretching.

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