Silence after the throw – sport

When a basketball game between two near-equal teams heads into the final siren, everything escalates, and then it’s time for big individual action. And that moment belonged to Parker Jackson-Cartwright on Whit Monday. The witty 1.80m tall playmaker from Telekom Baskets Bonn who looked so cool and uncompromising grabbed the ball just under two minutes before the end of the game and converted the three: 83: 77 against Bayern Munich in their home ground, the Audi Dôme, in front of 5,757 spectators.

The audience fell silent, except for the 200 Bonn fans, some of whom were hot-blooded, everyone knew it was the preliminary decision. Shortly after, Bayern also lost their defensive specialist Nick Weiler-Babb after his fifth foul, but they still closed the gap to 80:83, and Bonn even did them the favor of wasting their last attack . The Munich team now had six seconds for their very last attack. Another moment of big individual actions, a trio was needed to save themselves in added time. Ognjen Jaramaz caught the ball and ran towards the opponent’s basket, but the ball didn’t obey him again before he could start throwing. Jaramaz lost it – and Bayern lost the game.

“Bayern have all the pressure in the world, it’s a wonderful situation for us.”

Instead of finally following Alba Berlin, who easily beat Ludwigshafen 3-0, to the playoff final, the Munich side must now fear the same. On Wednesday they will play their decisive game of death or gladioli in Bonn, as Louis van Gaal would say, and Bonn coach Tuomas Iisalo rejoiced shortly after the victory: “Bayern have all the pressure in the world , it’s a wonderful situation for us.”

On Saturday, in front of 6,007 spectators in the Audi Dome, Bonn snatched victory from Munich in an even more dramatic game 20 seconds from the final siren. Javontae Hawkins scored from a free throw to make it 85:84 , but the last counterattack of the Munich team also failed there. FCB officials had warned of the danger of defeat even before the two home games before the game.

Bayern’s starting five of Nick Weiler-Babb, Augustine Rubit, Leon Radosevic, Nihad Djedovic and Vladimir Lucic were warned, but the first enthusiasm, at least among Bonn fans, was sparked by the shot-stopper from the Jeremy Morgan sneakers with two trios. Bayern overcame an 8-2 deficit, and it was Othello Hunter who snatched the Munich fans from their seats – getting the attacking rebound and being fouled on the successful lay-up.

Already in these first minutes the expected intense game developed, as in the two previous games there was also a lot at stake: the final for Trinchieri’s team or a decisive duel in the semi-finals of the playoffs in Bonn, which the Munich team wanted to avoid at all costs. And that eye-level fight continued into the second quarter. The Munich team was always one or two points behind the Baskets, who were very fair from afar, and equalized again, they almost never took the advantage. But Bonn couldn’t really get away either – Vladimir Lucic defended once with a three-pointer, which he knocked down.

It was a night when no one could be sure how this game would end. Not even NBA player Maxi Kleber, who was in the audience. When Bayern coach Andrea Trinchieri had asked his players to come over during the break to discuss the tactical itinerary for the next two quarters, Bonn fired his test shots anyway and Parker-Cartwright nearly hit everyone in the basket.

That’s how it went in the third quarter, which started well from the hosts’ point of view: first Weiler-Babb netted a three-pointer just before the end of 24 seconds, then Lucic threw a dunk into the basket after the Jackson-Cartwright loss. the ball. Bayern now had a five-point lead, but they gave it up carelessly through ball losses and negligence in defence. Worse still for them: Bonn suddenly led 66:60. After Munich lost the ball, Bonn’s Javontae Hawkins also shoved an alley oop into the basket, 78:70. Shortly after, Parker-Cartwright took the ball and silence fell in the room.


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