Security of supply, sustainability, healthy lifestyle – it’s now crucial!, Lebensmittelverband Deutschland e. V., press release

Shortly after Foodwatch had to report a decrease in willingness to donate in its own newsletter, it was time for fearmongering again. Once again, the important issue of children’s health is affected. But false stories don’t become truer by repeating them over and over again.

The fact is: Our society is currently facing immense challenges and many citizens have existential concerns and fears due to the exploding cost of energy and living. The food industry shares these concerns about the scarcity of raw materials and gas, even if the food supply is still secure for the moment. In the long run, it’s nothing less than empty shelves and people losing their jobs in a systemically important industry.

The observation is that: Despite these major challenges, the agri-food industry is looking to the future and continues to work on its commitments for its share of responsibility towards humans, animals and nature, whether at the national level. as part of the National Reduction Plan and Innovation Strategy or at European level through work on the Green Deal. More than 300 companies with more than 500 brands have also introduced Nutri-Score on a voluntary basis as a simplified labeling model for nutritional value on the packaging. The agri-food industry has also contributed to the necessary development of the algorithm in the context of numerous declarations to the scientific committee of COEN (Country officially involved in Nutri-Score). As far as advertising is concerned, the German food industry extended its global autonomous commitments last year. These stipulate that the special protection previously enjoyed by children under the age of twelve will be extended to minors under the age of fourteen. It was also decided that the positive nutritional properties of foodstuffs containing nutrients or substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, the excessive intake of which is not recommended as part of a balanced diet, should be included in the communications Audiovisual commercials intended for the title 14 year olds or in the direct environment of children’s programs MUST NOT be highlighted. The set screws industry is turning to ensure sustainability, an overall healthy lifestyle and security of supply are considerable.

The fact is: reducing the issue of child health solely to malnutrition is neither timely nor visionary. Aspects such as mental health, social environment, socio-economic status and physical activity are also crucial. At a time when pool water temperatures are being reduced in many places due to energy prices, so parents are thinking twice about going swimming with their children, the issue of sports and exercises suitable for the target group and which parents can also afford is all the more urgent.

Anyone who is still looking for a culprit and blaming them with exaggerated accusations instead of working constructively on solutions shouldn’t be surprised if their business model is no longer viable. Last but not least, in addition to all of the above, we must not forget legal guardians. And it’s not about making people feel guilty, it’s about helping people who have to reconcile work, daily life and children and who sometimes lack the knowledge, but often also the time, to integrate a healthy lifestyle into the family daily life.


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