Samsung 8K QLED TVs as personal trainers: This new feature surpasses all fitness apps


Samsung knows that working out at home is not without risk: if you practice incorrectly over the long term, you risk harming your health. The manufacturer is now responding to this with a special offer.

Training in front of the TV isn’t even half a thing without the important feedback. Samsung has now come up with something special. (Source: ©Samsung)

  • The Neo QLED 8K workout combines different fitness offerings.
  • Connected to the smartphone, the fitness program provides live feedback during exercise.
  • With a smartwatch, calorie consumption and cardio values ​​can also be displayed.

Fitness apps are a dime a dozen – and now there are also interactive workout offerings in the smart TV realm – like Apple Fitness+ or Zwift. What most of these offerings lack is qualitative feedback for hard-working athletes. Samsung has solved this problem with its 8K QLED drive.

Because the one-sided nature of training at home without any correction by qualified trainers can not only lead to muscle pain in the wrong places, but also lead to health risks due to incorrect loading.

The electronics manufacturer showcased a groundbreaking advancement in digitally guided workouts at its Samsung Unbox & Discover event:

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Anyone playing a fitness program on the new QLED models can record it on their smartphone at the same time and suddenly see themselves mirrored next to the workout video.

Correct execution is verified by motion capture

But that’s not all: the workout program uses some sort of digital motion-capture system to record the user’s posture and provides direct feedback if exercises are performed incorrectly.

While this nifty technology simply can’t completely replace a skilled personal trainer and their personalized feedback, the referral system via the smartphone camera is guaranteed to be a big step forward in the context of digital fitness endeavors.

Samsung’s new Neo QLED 8K TVs can already be pre-ordered in Germany and are expected to ship soon. Incidentally, they come with a remote control that can be charged via WLAN.

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