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Status: 12/18/2022 10:32 p.m.

Rostock Seawolves have been granted their hoped-for Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) release. In the Norduell with the Hamburg towers, the Mecklenburgers achieved a success of 82:76 (40:42).

by Hanno Bode

For the newly promoted, it was the first victory after five consecutive defeats. The team coached by Christian Held have overtaken Hamburg, who were level on points before, in the table and are fully on target after ten matchdays. It is probably not the same for the Tours. The European Cup participant conceded his fifth consecutive bankruptcy on Sunday evening in Rostock.

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Sea Wolves score from the free throw line

Both teams were looking for a quick path to the basket from the start. Spectators in Rostock Town Hall watched an entertaining game in which many throws missed their target. Nine of the Seawolves’ 20 points in the first quarter came from free throws.

This showed the aggressive but not always docile defensive work of Hamburg, who were a point behind after ten minutes (19:20).

Wohlfarth-Bottermann writes history…

By this point, his center Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann had already made BBL history. The 2.08-meter giant has achieved his blocks numbers 214 and 215 in the Bundesliga. The 32-year-old moved up to third in the German elite class rankings behind John Bryant (409) and Daniel Theis (249). “WOBO”, as the native of Bonn is called, should not have wanted to party on Sunday evening.

… then flies off the ground

Because for him the match ended prematurely two minutes before halftime. After tripping center Elias Valtonen, the umpire sent him off home plate for a disqualifying foul. From then on, the guests had to collectively make up for the loss of their basket protector.

At first, they did very well. At the break, the Tours had a 42:40 lead, after having had to run after a delay of 19:24 (12′).

Woodard builds momentum in third quarter

Even after switching sides, the Nordrialven met at eye level, but was now aiming much more accurately than before. James Woodard in particular was now scoring regularly. The American in the ranks of Hamburg scored twelve points in the third period alone. He played such a big part that the visitors led 60-59 going into the final quarter.

Best Rostock Seawolves pitchers: Alston (19 points), Pearson (15), Lewis (14)
Tours of Hamburg: Woodard (17), Meisner (15), McCullum (12)
The viewers: 4,095

Pearson leads Rostock to victory

Of course, the European Cup participant could not rest on this mini lead. Especially since Rostock kept coming back in the last round when it looked like the Towers should be able to retire for the first time. The BBL novice showed an impressive fighting performance and, thanks to a three-point shot from Derrick Alston Jr., regained the lead with 70:69 (16th).

Shortly after, as Nijal Pearson also moved up a distance to 73:69 for Mecklenburg (18th), Hamburg coach Raoul Korner took a time out. He demanded more determination and focus from his players in attack. In fact, guests were able to shorten immediately after rebooting. But Rostock’s response was another Pearson three-point throw at 78:73.

The Towers now had 50 seconds to avoid their fifth consecutive loss. They couldn’t do it anymore and then left the ground in frustration as the Seawolves celebrated their release.

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