“Rosti diet”? A McDonald’s customer unwraps his burger and can’t believe his eyes!

“It’s a joke”

“Rosti diet”? A McDonald’s customer unwraps his burger and can’t believe his eyes!

McDonald’s customer can’t believe his eyes as he unwraps his burger! Photo: Nick Ansell/PA Wire/dpa

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Such a tasty McDonald’s burger as a little treat, and then THAT! When this customer opens the burger box, he stares… into space! Even McDonald’s can’t help but laugh.

Large hash browns with a difference

Yes, yes, we know, everything is getting more expensive, prices are going up, we all have to save somewhere! But does it really have to be SO drastic? McDonald’s customer Manu is certainly not thrilled with these savings, especially when it strikes him more than anyone else! Because when he opens the box of his well-deserved Big Rösti, he finds only a piece of dry bread! Uh, sorry, something’s wrong here, isn’t it? Yes, Manu thought so too, and shared the whole thing on Twitter with the question: “It’s a joke, isn’t it?” And a horrified: “Or is this what the new Big Rösti looks like?”

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Even McDonald’s has to laugh

Well, something seems to have gone terribly wrong here, after all, this burger is missing quite a few things! Sauce, burger patty, cheese, hash browns, not even the right lid for the lone piece of bread. A real “dietary burger” one might think.

This big miss doesn’t go unnoticed for long, and even McDonald’s itself can’t help but laugh: “Our Big Rösti actually has more to offer,” they joke with a grin. Manu can’t buy any more of this, but there is still good advice if your box should arrive home empty: according to McDonald’s, the branch team must be informed immediately, and in the event of an emergency, you can complain later from online sales. to place. It’s all well and good, but it no longer evokes a new burger!

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“A big Rösti with nothing please”

In any case, the “Diet Rösti” contributes to the general amusement on Twitter. One of our own writes, “Hey, it’s the McFantasy, isn’t it? Individual tastes are different for everyone.” Maybe it helps if you just imagine the burger? Another jokes: ” Dietary hash browns do better.” And it continues with: “A big rösti with nothing please.”

After all, Manu can laugh at his non-existent burger and adds himself: “I seriously looked in the bag again”. He just couldn’t believe his eyes, it looked like there was a burger in the box before, didn’t it? He also notes, “I tried the delivery service. Maybe someone was hungry too.” Exactly, maybe it was the delivery service! A shabby enough number to leave such a loaf of bread alone behind! Let’s hope the next Big Rösti won’t be another Big fail! (xl)

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