Robust and robust: 4 easy-care plants for your garden

Update: 14.08.2022 – 14:58

Only the tough enter the garden
Front garden 2022: These 4 plants are easy to maintain

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Pretty: Four easy-care plants for the front yard that should also appeal to people without a green thumb.

STURDY AND EASY CARE: Many people want a front garden but can hardly find the motivation for complex and sensitive plants. Fortunately, that’s not a problem. We present to you four plants for your front garden that are guaranteed to be easy to care for.

Consider a lot of care, attention and sensitivity to cold… Some front yard owners don’t like to hear that. Nevertheless, a bare front yard looks too dreary. So we present to you four facade garden plants that will not only save you effort, but also look beautiful. The proverb “only the tough enter the garden” immediately sounds wonderful.

Easy-care plants for your front yard

So that people who don’t feel like gardening can also enjoy their front yard, we now present four plants that don’t expect much from you as a home gardener. Plus, you don’t have to worry about these plants for the foreseeable future because they’re hardy so they can stay put without having to start all over again next year. Soil conditions are also less important for these plants, but that doesn’t mean it can’t hurt to improve garden soil. Here is a step by step guide.

1. Eyelets

You should process the carnation only in a sunny place. Otherwise, she doesn’t need much. On the contrary, it will welcome you every day after a hard day’s work with its beautiful flowers in purple and pink.

2. Bellflowers

Hyacinths are also known for their beautiful colors. Here you have to make sure that these plants always get enough water. The bellflower is not as hardy as the carnation in this regard. But the approximately 300 species of bellflowers are an advantage. You have a wide choice and can from time to time buy and plant new species for your front yard. The location should be sunny to semi-shaded. Hyacinths are also suitable as ground cover, as are some roses.

3. Sage

Sage is the least demanding plant on this list, as soil conditions and drought don’t have much of an impact on the green plant. Sage does especially well in a sunny, warm location – when it blooms, it also forms purple flowers that beautify your garden.

4. Woodruff

Finally a plant that likes the shade for a change. Shady front gardens or those with a roof are wonderful. But don’t worry, that doesn’t make the woodruff any less beautiful. When you return home, you will find white flowers glowing in the shade – and you will also be greeted with a wonderful fragrance. Robust, easy to maintain and beneficial: what more could you ask for!

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