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At TSV Betzigau they tried a lot to avoid falling into the district class. Change of coach, reactivated player. Why it still wasn’t enough.

Jürgen Lutz

05/27/2022 | From 6:01 p.m.

Have you tried everything. You, the managers of the TSV Betzigau around the head of service Florian Dietz (33). Despite all this, they did not prevent relegation from the district football league. Anyone who has never been relegated could not understand the tears that a seasoned guy like coach Dennis Bialon shed after the final whistle on the final day of the match (2-4 at TSV Kottern II). Precisely because he and fellow coach Robert Lederle and those responsible at TSV had done so much to avoid that bitter moment of certainty of falling into the district class.

Lack of participation in training and carousel of trainers

In a way, it was a descent with an announcement. It all started when Klaus Engstler took over as coach at the start of the season. Engstler, a recognized football expert in the Oberallgaeu, threw in the towel after a few days of play. “Things did not go well between the team and the coach,” explains Dietz. The resulting lack of participation in training did the rest. Emergency nail Luggi Geiger helped until winter. Then, Dennis Bialon and Robert Lederle took over on equal footing. A carousel of coaches like in the crisis clubs in the Bundesliga.

Nine goals in six games from Patrick Wachter is not enough

Probably none of the coaches can be blamed for doing much harm. In the end, Betzigau reactivated Patrick Wachter and Christian Frommknecht, who had already retired. Stefan Hummel and Tobias Rossmann returned after long breaks. It didn’t help either, not even the nine goals Wachter scored in the last six games of the season. However, Betzigau weren’t relegated on the last day to Kotterner’s reserve, but on the previous 23 days. Robert Rietzler, who led Betzigau to promotion four years ago, knows this all too well. “If you’re on the top you win the close games, if you’re on the bottom you lose them.”

A downhill recipe

It was the defeats against FC Füssen, SC Untrasried and VfB Durach II that matched this pattern exactly and led to relegation. Bialon: “At some point, you start thinking. The pressure in the head increases, lightness is lost, self-confidence is suddenly buried deep.

That’s how it must have been in Fussen. “We played for one goal for 70 minutes,” says Bialon. We missed a penalty. Füssen had two chances and scored two goals. “It must have been like that in Ronsberg when it was 0-0. Bialon: “We had six or seven hundred percent. But we shot the keeper or hit the post. It must have been like that in Untrasried and against Durach II. Brewed together, it’s the recipe for descent. In addition, there is “the backpack of the preliminary round”, says Bialon, while the panels were already pointing clearly downwards.

Florian Dietz

Florian Dietz

Image: Ralf Lienert

New start as a gaming community

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It continues in the Bezigau. Lederle and Bialon have the chance to remove the thorn of relegation from the flesh of TSV together. This duo will continue to work together next season. Dietz: “But then no longer for TSV Betzigau, but for the community of Betzigau/Wildpoldsried players.” The merger of the two football departments is a done deal. It officially starts on July 1. Dietz regrets the descent all the more. He would have been only too happy to tackle the new start a league higher. Dietz: “It’s okay. Wipe your mouth. Go ahead. An exciting project is imminent.

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