Recognize the symptoms of cancer and avoid the risks: half of all deaths are preventable

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By avoiding risk factors, nearly half of all deaths could be avoided, say US researchers. So watch out for signs of cancer.

Washington – Cancer, a disease of civilization, claims countless lives around the world each year, and the number of people ill is staggering: Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, after cardiovascular diseases such as seizures cardiac. A study by researchers at the University of Washington now comes to the conclusion that nearly half of deaths from the disease are preventable because they are due to preventable risk factors. Preventive medical examinations and consulting a doctor if you have symptoms of cancer or are unsure also play an important role. To consider.

Cancer: According to an American study, almost half of all cancer deaths are preventable

A study from the University of Washington concludes that nearly half of cancer deaths are due to preventable risk factors, such as RTL reported. Study leaders from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation published the results in the trade magazine The Lancet published. The researchers had previously looked at 23 types of cancer and 34 risk factors. The observations spanned a nine-year period, between 2010 and 2019, in a total of 204 countries. One in two Germans will also develop cancer in their lifetime.

Two smokers hold their cigarettes between their fingers. According to an American study, many cancer deaths are due to preventable risk factors. (File image) © Armin Weigel/dpa

The result of the study: According to scientists, a total of 44.4% of cancer deaths in 2019 were preventable. The reason: They go back to preventable risk factors. A healthy lifestyle and the avoidance of risk factors can significantly reduce the risk of developing cancer. The risk factors are not necessarily new: smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and a high body mass index present a particular risk: according to the researchers, these are the main risk factors for approximately half of the deaths by cancer. Of course, there are also many other risk factors that can lead to the disease, the warning signs of which should be heard early on.

Detecting cancer at an early stage: what symptoms and warning signs should be taken into account

Cancer: deaths from smoking, alcohol and obesity are increasing worldwide

The study also comes to the conclusion that deaths caused by alcohol, smoking and obesity have increased significantly in recent years. During the study period from 2010 to 2019, they had increased by 20.4% in a global context. Looking ahead to 2019, risk-related deaths were particularly high in Western Europe, Central Europe, North America, Southern Latin America and East Asia. In Germany, the smoking rate has recently increased. Another study recently revealed that a bad lifestyle can cost you 22 years. Another figure: in 2020, around 75,500 people died from smoking in Germany alone.

Among the so-called “risk-associated” deaths in terms of cancer type in 2019, lung cancer, bronchial cancer and tracheal cancer dominate worldwide. This observation applies to both women and men, according to the authors of the study. It’s easy to avoid some of the risk factors: don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, and get enough exercise instead. In terms of healthy eating, the situation is more difficult: under Hartz IV, for example, there are just under five euros for three meals. It’s not only since inflation that we can’t live a healthy life anymore. Poverty and disease go hand in hand.

Detect cancer at an early stage: pay attention to symptoms and attend preventive medical examinations

A decisive factor in the fight against cancer is of course preventive medical visits: men and women must absolutely do them regularly and at the recommended intervals in order to take no risks. In the case of certain changes in the body, one should always seek medical advice, true to the motto: Better once is too much than too little. Many symptoms can also have other more innocuous causes, but for a layman this does not stand out, this also applies to many colon cancer symptoms. The earlier a malignant tissue change is discovered, the greater the chance of recovery. Early detection of cancer can save lives.

Detecting cancer at an early stage: what symptoms and warning signs should be taken into account

  • Palpable swelling, hardening, or bumps on the skin, mucous membranes, or soft tissues, often without pain
  • pain of unknown origin
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the armpits, groin, or neck
  • prolonged cough; persistent and changing cough; constant urge to cough
  • blood when coughing
  • Persistent hoarseness and difficulty swallowing
  • shortness of breath

    Moles and warts, they change in size, shape and color

  • jaundice
  • Uneven, reddened palms or liver stars (small veins in the skin that expand like spiders)
  • Change in stool/urine, pain, or blood in stool/urine
  • Increased need to urinate or intermittent weak urine flow

    Unusual digestive habits

    stomach pains

    Persistent feeling of pressure or fullness, abdominal pain or bloating

    Unusual bleeding or discharge from the mouth, nose, intestines, or urethra

    constant belching and vomiting

    Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss

    pallor and anemia

  • Constant fatigue, exhaustion, decreased performance

    Fever, sweating, dizziness, tachycardia

    New headaches

    visual or hearing impairments


    Persistent itching

    Neurological disorders such as paralysis, speech and coordination disorders

  • sudden clumsiness

    personality changes

Cancer in women: watch out for warning signs and telltale signs

  • Cancer symptoms: signs that may indicate cancer, especially in women
  • Lumps and/or hardening in the breast
  • Strain nipple
  • Bleeding that has nothing to do with the menstrual period, such as during menopause or after sex
  • Brownish discharge
  • Source: DKG

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It remains to be said: a healthy lifestyle, regular medical visits and not being afraid to go to the doctor in case of doubt are key elements in the fight against cancer. No internet search in the world replaces the consultation of a professional. Even if going to the doctor in times of worry can cost you an effort: the moment is crucial, because the key word is and remains: early detection.

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