Recall of six protein shakes: the Federal Office warns of dangerous content

The Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety warns against powders in diet shakes. There is a risk of ingestion of foreign bodies.

Dortmund – Some protein shake powder drinks may contain dangerous foreign bodies. There is a risk of swallowing metal parts. According to the company concerned, it has 12,000 sales outlets in Germany.

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Federal Office warns: XXL recall of six protein shakes due to lethal content

Protein shakes are often meant to supplement a full meal and aid in weight loss and weight control. Like protein shakes, the meal drink is often sold in powder form and then blended yourself. This is also the case for the drink powder affected by the recall.

These are products sold throughout Germany, among others in the DM and Müller pharmacy chains, as well as in the Kaufland and Globus supermarkets. Foreign bodies have entered the drink powder. The company cannot exclude the possibility that metal parts have found their way into its product.

They can measure less than a millimeter in diameter and 1.0 to 1.5 cm in length. They are said to have entered the drink powder through a pre-supplier.

Layenberger Fit+Feelgood Slim Shakes Warning

The Layenberger company speaks of a “possible contamination by foreign body of a raw material”, which it regrets. 396 gram cans of Fit+Feelgood brand powdered beverages are affected by the recall. It is one of the four Layenberger brands.

That’s why six varieties of their Slim Shakes are now being recalled. Espresso macchiato, pina colada, banana quark, berry yogurt, vanilla cream and chocolate nuts (more recalls and warnings at RUHR24).

  • Item: Layenberger Fit+Feelgood Slim Shakes
  • Format: 396 grams in canister
  • Varieties: espresso macchiato, pina colada, quark banana, yogurt with red fruits, vanilla cream and chocolate nuts
  • Expiry date: Between 07/2023 and 09/2023

Six protein shakes affected by a recall: risk of foreign body

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Overview of Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates of Recalled Fit+Feelgood Slim Shakes

Customers can use the expiration date and lot number on the bottom of the box to check if the products they purchased are affected. The other varieties and other Layenberger products were not contaminated. The affected numbers and dates can be found in the following lists:

Batch number expiration date
Layenberger Fit+Feelgood Slim Shake Chocolate Nut 396g
1050049 07/2023
1050250 08/2023
1050487 09/2023
1050848 09/2023
Layenberger Fit+Feelgood Slim Shake Vanilla Cream 396g
1050051 07/2023
1050108 07/2023
1050114 08/2023
1050710 08/2023
1050842 09/2023
Layenberger Fit+Feelgood Slim Shake Yogurt with Red Fruits 396g
1050053 07/2023
1050054 09/2023
1050844 09/2023
Layenberger Fit+Feelgood Slim Shake Banana Quark 396g
1050229 08/2023
1050490 08/2023
1050490 09/2023
Layenberger Fit+Feelgood Slim Shake Pina Colada 396g
1050254 08/2023
Layenberger Fit+Feelgood Slim Shake Espresso Macchiato 396g
1050252 08/2023

Shake reminder: Affected customers should do it now

The affected products must no longer be consumed under any circumstances, as otherwise there is a risk of choking or injury on foreign bodies. The company does not specify where affected customers can return their goods.

The company has since removed all of the above products from retail that have not yet been sold.

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