Ready for spring: Felix Neureuther and Bion3 Immun* give tips for the start of the warm season

Schwalbach (ots) – Felix Neureuther has been a Bion3 Immun* brand ambassador since November 2021. For him, the four building blocks of the immune routine have been part of everyday life since his active career. Now, with Bion3 Immun*, he’s giving insight into how he incorporates regular exercise into daily life.

Sport and a balanced diet – for Felix Neureuther, a healthy lifestyle has been part of life since childhood and especially during an active career. And although he was successful as a winter sports enthusiast in the cold season, sports and healthy eating have always been and still are a subject for him all year round. Because whether you are an (active) athlete or not, the issue of immune health remains an important part of the defense chain. Even with rising temperatures, the relevance of an immune routine, consisting of a balanced diet, relaxation phases and sufficient sleep, as well as sufficient physical activity to support the immune system from within*, should not not be overlooked.

4 building blocks for immune health – this also applies to Felix Neureuther

Felix Neureuther has been a Bion3 testimonial since November 2021 and wants to motivate people to be active, to take charge of their own health with simple means, and to develop routines to promote their own daily defenses. He knows that our immune system is also challenged when it’s really hot and we move the sports units outside. Because especially at the beginning of spring, the immune system is put under great strain by strong temperature fluctuations.

Top 3 tips for everyday sports units

Felix Neureuther keeps fit all year round with simple routines – and also supports his immune system with vitamins C, D and zinc, which are contained in Bion3 Immun*.

1. Bad weather is no excuse, even in the hot months!

Even when the temperatures are back in the positive range, the couch sometimes feels too comfortable for us. But for the defenses to build up, the body needs to get some fresh air. Felix Neureuther reveals: “For me, bad weather doesn’t play a major role in the sport. On the contrary: I particularly like being outside when it’s raining and cold. So go out when it’s windy in spring or the sky is still gray. . And when you get home, it’s even more fun to curl up with a hot drink.”

2. Try to see sports sessions as the highlight of the day!

Many of us associate sport with exertion and competition against our “weaker inner selves”. But there is another way: if you see sports units as a break from everyday life, they can even become a real highlight. Felix Neureuther has his own recipe: “I’m always looking for a sporting partner who motivates and trains me. Then the bastard disappears on its own. It helps me disconnect from everyday life and create ‘special moments’ .” A specific goal can also be a motivation. “Everyone needs something to motivate them,” the former winter sports enthusiast continues, “it doesn’t have to be anything special, it can just be the motivation to get that body. of beach in summer in which you feel comfortable.”

3. Regularity is important: make exercise a regular part of your daily routine!

Sufficient physical activity strengthens the immune system! But despite all the motivation, it can sometimes be difficult for us to integrate the right sports units into everyday life. There are already everyday things going into our travel count, like walking to the shops or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. “A healthy diet and exercise are important for us every day. I know how hectic everyday life with children can be. It is not possible to accumulate hours of exercise. But only 5 x 30 minutes of exercise a week can make a real difference.” said Felix Neureuther. “The immune routine is a global system that I supplement with Bion3 Immun*. Because that’s how I stay in balance and stay in shape all day.”

Even at hot temperatures: Bion3 Immun* with vitamin C, D and zinc supports the immune system from within

A food supplement such as Bion3 Immun* can contribute to covering our nutritional needs in addition to a balanced diet. Despite our best efforts, we often fail to integrate the immune routine into sustainable daily life. The special 3in1 Bion3 Immun* tablet offers a unique combination of bacterial cultures, vitamins and minerals. With its balanced amounts of vitamins A, C, D, B6, B12, folic acid and minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium in just one tablet a day, Bion3 Immun* supports the immune system of the indoors – even when it’s still warmer.

*Vitamins A, C, D, B6 and B12 as well as folic acid (B9) and the minerals iron, zinc and selenium contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

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