private doctor Anne Fleck: Did you know? THE TV doctor has THESE passions

Dr. Anne Fleck uses her own method to encourage people to lead healthier lives. The TV Doctor does extremely well with this. Here you can find out how the “Nutrition Doc” works privately and what passions she has.

“Doc Nutrition” Dr. Anne Fleck tries to help people with her own method.
Picture: Doctor Anne Fleck

A small nutritional revolution has Dr. Anne Fleck already pushed. With her holistic and scientifically based approach, she wants to empower her patients to strive for a healthier life. She is quite successful at it and it is not for nothing that she is one of the most famous and sought after telemedicine in Germany.

Doctor Anne Fleck didn’t really want to be a doctor

Before Dr. Anne Fleck devoted herself to her mission as a specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology with expertise in naturopathy, the doctor from Saarland had a completely different professional aspiration. “I actually wanted to be an artist,” she said in an interview with the “Saarbrücken newspaper”. She put her ideas on paper with brushes and paints. His parents awakened his artistic side, which has not dried up to this day. On the contrary: In her spare time, she enjoys painting, according to her website. He also clarifies that she likes to play music. She can play the piano and the double bass.

Doctor Anne Fleck: Famous for her “DocFleck Method”

Although she loves being an artist, she decided to take a different path to help people. That’s why she started studying human medicine in Leipzig. This should lay the foundation for his career. Her studies also took her to France and Italy. She knew early on that she wanted to use naturopathic approaches to encourage people to live self-determined, healthier lives. As a “health scout”, she gets to the bottom of the causes of illness on a very individual basis.

This Hollywood Star Woke Dr. Anne Fleck’s Interest in Oils

In the famous method, it also relies on the effects of oils. Hollywood star Susan Sarandon sparked her interest in vegetable fats with the film “Lorenzo’s Oil”, as she revealed to the “Saarbrücker Zeitung”. Anne Fleck was 19 when she first saw the film. In it, a child is healed by oils. She was so enthusiastic about the film that the young Anne Fleck immediately fell in love and today warmly recommends vegetable oils to her patients.

“Nutrition Docs”, practical, books and recipes: jack-of-all-trades Dr. Anne Fleck

In her office in Hamburg, she has been implementing her mission for several years. But in recent years, many more people have come to know their method than they did at the “nutritional-Docs” and books like “Energy! The Healthy Way Out of the Labyrinth of Fatigue.” When she’s not giving nutrition advice on TV shows, publishing a magazine, or showcasing new recipes, she speaks on the podcast “Dr. Anne Fleck – Health and nutrition with BRIGITTE LEBEN!” on nutrition as medicine.

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Does the hobby cook Dr. Anne Fleck privately also for a man?

Privately, “nice person” Dr. Anne Fleck also believes in healthy eating. She can also let off steam in the kitchen because she loves to cook. Her favorite foods are avocado and pea soup, fish with lentils or a warming chicken soup with anti-inflammatory spices like chilli, she revealed to the “neighborhood weekly”. She also presents her dishes on her Instagram account. It is unclear whether the TV doctor prepares the dishes privately for herself or also for a man. Because she never talks about her private life.

Doctor Personal profile of Anne Fleck

Last name: Dr Anne Fleck

Use: Internal medicine specialist, rheumatologist, nutritionist with a naturopathic approach

Books: “The 50 Healthiest Recipes in 10 Minutes (2016); “The 70 Healthiest and Easiest Recipes” (2017); “Slim! and Healthy with the Doc Fleck Method” (2017); Slim! For Professionals – Slim and Healthy with the Doc Fleck Method” (2018); “Healthy Summer Kitchen” (2018); “Damn! That’s Easy” (2020); Go fat – The practical book” (2020); “Energy! The Healthy Exit from the Labyrinth of Fatigue” (2021); “Superlative Salads” (2021)

Magazine: In perfect health with Doc Fleck”

Dr Anne Flecks website | Doctor Anne Fleck at instagram

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