Pope: Governments should make everyone’s health a priority

Francis warned politicians to work for “a good health service accessible to all”. Everyone working in the health service must also be adequately supported. The pope demands it in a video message.

Stefanie Stahlhofen – Vatican City

The Vatican published on Tuesday the Pope’s monthly prayer intention for the month of April. In the video, which is just over a minute long, the church leader calls for prayer for all who work in the health sector. As always, Francis speaks Spanish; subtitles are also displayed. Taking the example of the corona pandemic, the Pope explains:

“This pandemic has also shown that not everyone has access to a good public health system. The poorest countries, the most vulnerable countries, do not have access to the treatments they need to fight the many diseases they continue to suffer from.”

Audio: Pope Francis’ April prayer request: Governments should make everyone’s health a priority

According to the church leader, the fact that many people still do not have access to medicine and treatment is mainly due to politics:

“Lack of serious political commitment”

“This is often due to mismanagement of resources and a lack of serious political commitment. That is why I would like to urge the governments of all countries in the world to remember that good health care, accessible to all, is a priority.”

In his video message, Pope Francis also expressly acknowledges the many people who were and are there for the sick – and not just in times of a pandemic. Many have even risked their own lives to save others:

“But I would also like to remind you that the health service is not just an organization, it is men and women who dedicate their lives to caring for the health of others and who have sacrificed their lives during this pandemic for the good of so many sick people to help heal.”

The video shows doctors and nurses, but also religious and priests in their varied work for the sick all over the world. Pope Francis ends the prayer request for April with the words:

“Let us pray for all those who work in the health sector and who serve the sick and the elderly, especially in the poorest countries”

“Let us pray for all those who work in the field of health and take care of the sick and the elderly, especially in the poorest countries; governments and local communities can provide them with adequate support.”


The video of the Pope’s prayer intentions is a project of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network. In short videos each month, Francis addresses the challenges facing humanity and the Church in our time. Incidentally, the subjects are fixed well in advance.

According to their own statements, the prayer network has more than 22 million Catholics in 89 countries. It was founded in 1844 under the name “Apostleship of Prayer”.

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