Planet Fitness Stock: let’s go! ()

Planet Fitness, a company in the “leisure equipment” market, is currently (at 02:01) listed at 62.62 USD, clearly in the red (-1.6%); the company’s home stock exchange is New York.

To evaluate this course, we put Planet Fitness through a multi-step review process. This translates into assessments as to whether Planet Fitness should be classified as “buy”, “hold” or “sell”. A final consolidation of these ratings results in the overall rating.

1. Fundamental: Planet Fitness stock is considered undervalued on a multiple price/earnings (P/E) basis. Because: The P/E ratio of 71.14 is 4% lower than the industry average for the hotel, restaurant and leisure segment, which is 74.43. In this environment, the stock receives a “buy” rating from a fundamental analysis perspective.

2. Investors: Over the past two weeks, Planet Fitness has been rated particularly positively by mostly private users on social media. This is the conclusion reached by our editorial team when evaluating the various comments and speaking requests that have addressed this value over the past two weeks. In addition, mostly positive topics related to value have been discussed in recent days. In summary, we believe investor sentiment at this level warrants a Buy rating. Therefore, the investor sentiment measure produces an overall “buy” rating.

3. Sentiment and Buzz: At Planet Fitness, a clear mood shift towards the negative could be observed in recent weeks. A mood shift occurs when the mass of market players in social media, which form the basis of this assessment, tend toward particularly positive or negative topics. Since negative anomalies have been recorded at Planet Fitness in this regard, we are evaluating this criterion as “Sell”. In terms of the strength of the discussion, or in other words, the evolution of the number of messages, a decrease in the attention paid to the company was recorded. We reward this with a “Sell” rating. In summary, Planet Fitness gets a “Sell” for this level.

Buy, own or sell Planet Fitness?

How will Planet Fitness evolve now? Is an entry worth it or should investors sell instead? Find out the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the latest analysis from Planet Fitness.


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