Planet Fitness investors didn’t expect it ()

On the New York Stock Exchange, Planet Fitness is listed at $59.66 as of October 27, 2022, 10:37 p.m. Planet Fitness belongs to the “Recreational Facilities” segment.

According to a proven scheme, we have rated Planet Fitness at the current level. The security undergoes an evaluation for 7 factors, each of which is assigned a rating of “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell”. This results in an overall evaluation at the last stage.

1. Feeling and Buzz: Planet Fitness can also be observed and evaluated over a longer period of time in terms of the number of verbal inputs (the intensity of the talk) and the rate of mood change. This allows some interesting conclusions to be drawn about the long-term mood of the past few months. Concretely: the title showed little activity. This indicates less than average discussion intensity and requires a “Sell” rating. The rate of mood change shows little change, which corresponds to an evaluation as a “maintenance” value. Planet Fitness’ overall rating in this regard is: “Sell”.

2. Industry Comparison Stock Price: The stock has returned -13.95% over the past year. Compared to stocks in the same sector (“Consumer Discretionary”), Planet Fitness is 54.44% below the average (40.49%). The median annual return for securities in the same “hotel, restaurant and leisure” sector is 24.2%. Planet Fitness is currently 38.16% below this value. Due to the underperformance, we rate the stock as an overall “sell” at this level.

3. Analyst Rating: Over the long term, analysts rate Planet Fitness stock as a “buy” stock. A total of 18 analysts provided these ratings: 6 buys, 2 holds, 0 sells. There are no analyst updates on Planet Fitness since last month. On average, analysts expect a target price of $108.13. This translates to an expectation of 78.25%, as the closing price is currently $60.66, which is a “buy” rating. Based on all analyst estimates, we therefore assign a “Buy” rating.

Should Planet Fitness Investors Sell Immediately? Or is it worth starting?

How will Planet Fitness evolve now? Is an entry worth it or should investors sell instead? Find out the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the latest analysis from Planet Fitness.


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