Pietro Lombardi thinks he’s fat: 10 kilos should come down

Updated: 05/12/2022 – 10:36

The singer wants to lose weight
Pietro Lombardi is relentlessly open: “I’m fat”

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Singer Pietro Lombardi declares war on kilos.

Weight frustration with Pietro Lombardi: In his Instagram story, the singer shows himself shirtless and gives free rein to his dissatisfaction with his body. Once again he declares war on superfluous kilos.

Pietro Lombardi sets clear goals until the start of his “Lombardi Show”, which will start in a few days, however. Once again, he declares war on the kilos – 10 kilos are to lose. With his fans on Instagram, he is now relentlessly honest with himself.

Pietro Lombardi: topless on Instagram, even though he thinks he’s too big

Pietro Lombardi (29) wants to lose weight again, as he tells his fans in several Instagram stories. “You have to face the truth, I’m a little chubby,” the singer writes of a photo from the gym and announces that he is training now because the “Lombardi Show” is about to begin. By then, you should lose ten kilos – “but it starts tomorrow, how does it work”, he notes with a laughing emoji.

In a clip, the musician also shows himself shirtless in front of a mirror and explains: “From behind you find that I am well built, the closer I get, the more I face the truth: I am fat.” It was the “glaring truth,” he points out in another story after the short video aired. Normally he only shows himself “on top” in his stories because he is “rather well built and wide”, while his hips are “full of trash”, explains the singer. “We have to work on it, absolutely.”

“Bild” had also reported on the singer – relentlessly. Pietro Lombardi reacted so coldly to the title “so big”

Yo-yo weights at Lombardi

In late March, the 2011 ‘DSDS’ winner let his fans know he was unhappy with his body weight. On Instagram, he revealed, “I’ve never been this big in my life. I’ve gained so much weight.” According to the text of his story, the singer weighed 106 kilos at the time – “this is no longer a condition” for him. In 2020, Pietro Lombardi was already able to lose 20 kilos. In September 2021, he then also revealed on social media that he had put on 20 pounds in the past few months.

It’s behind the “Lombardi Show”

With the “Lombardi Show”, the winner and later juror of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” gets his own talent competition. He is looking for a singing or rapping talent over the age of 18 who dares to “perform in front of a large audience”, the musician explained in an Instagram post in early May. The winner receives a recording contract with Lombardi’s first own label. Filming has been announced to begin on May 16 and is expected to last until June 17. It is not yet known when the RTL+ format will start.


Pietro Lombardi will launch his own cast in a few days after celebrating his victory in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” eleven years ago. The singer projects…

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