Photos F1 Brazilian GP 2022 – Highlights Race

Photos F1 Brazilian GP 2022 – Highlights Race
A weekend of GP rich in highlights

Brazilian GP 2022

Formula 1 couldn’t complain about a lack of action during the race weekend in Brazil. An exciting sprint was followed by a partly wild main race. Mercedes triumphed twice. We’ve rounded up the highlights from the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

Brazil had a record crowd. 236,000 spectators watched the penultimate race weekend of the season at the race track. The stands were packed. Fans enthusiastically applauded every action on the track – and fired up the 20 lions on the circuit with their storm of cheers and songs. What they played had great entertainment value.

This applied to Saturday’s sprint and Sunday’s main race. The layout of the circuit guarantees duels and overtaking. There are two long straights you can slide down and beat your opponent.


George Russell celebrated the first Formula 1 victory of his career.

Several accidents on the ground

The difference in height between the lowest point and the highest point is 43 meters. So it goes up and it goes down. And so it was with the emotions of the race. Mercedes got off to a perfect start from the front row of the grid, but an early safety car initially slowed the Silver Arrows down. Daniel Ricciardo had turned Kevin Magnussen and hit him a second time. The marshals had to move.

The restart gave Verstappen the opportunity to attack the Mercedes with starting number 44 ahead of him. The two Formula 1 superstars clashed, Max Verstappen wanted to force the passage. He met Lewis Hamilton in the second part of the Senna-S. The Mercedes survived enemy contact and the front wing of the Red Bull collapsed.

Lando Norris fired Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque was lucky that the barriers gently cushioned him and his Ferrari was still drivable after the impact. Like Verstappen, Leclerc has started to catch up. Both came far forward and contributed to a good show.

The team orders a large subject

George Russell had everything under control. Even a late safety car didn’t derail it. It was his teammate’s turn, but he couldn’t even think of a passing maneuver. Hamilton was nevertheless happy. About Mercedes’ double victory. And his personal imagination. Verstappen’s failed attack could have dropped him more than “just” to eighth in the meantime.

Not only were there heated fights at the top, but also in midfield. It was back and forth. Oh yes, there was also stress. At Red Bull, Verstappen disobeyed command post orders to let teammate Sergio Perez pass. Team files were also discussed at Ferrari and Alpine. However, it is significantly quieter than the world champion team.


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