Personal trainer for your pocket: this fitness app creates your personal training and nutrition plan

This fitness app makes it easy to track your diet and motivate you to exercise

A healthy and conscious lifestyle is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, especially in the past two years when our own health has been under constant threat and we have had more time to reflect on our current lifestyle. . The result has been daily walks whatever the weather, home gyms have been improved, and people who previously only used their kitchens to make coffee have tried their hand at gourmet recipes and homemade bread (yes , it wasn’t just banana bread that was made).

Luckily, the fitness trend that means more wasted time for many people hasn’t stopped, even with the recurring office chores, face-to-face appointments, and leisure stresses. . On the contrary, gyms are busier than ever, people prefer to walk or cycle to work rather than drive, and homemade bread is a popular barbecue takeout.

A healthy lifestyle is more important than ever to us, and this fitness app can help us do that.

Of course, despite everything, it’s not always as easy to live a consistently healthy and active life as it is during the idle time at home. But we wouldn’t live in the 21st century without tech support: smartwatches and fitness trackers make our lives easier, and Huawei is now launching its new “Huawei Health” 2.0 app and a range of new wearables the next step.

Courtesy of Huawei

The “Health” app 2.0

Huawei took advantage of the growing global demand for smart health management as an incentive to upgrade its existing “Huawei Health” app and add a paid version (“Health+”). It allows users to track their training effects and track their fitness using workout and nutrition plans, food and workout tracking, and breathing exercises and sleep aids.

A personal trainer in your pocket

Through a mix of tracking and guidance, the app should work holistically like a personal trainer for your pocket, which is individually tailored to users’ needs and performance. With the so-called “Stay-Fit-Plan” of the app, individual training days, goals and favorite foods can be defined, on the basis of which daily nutrition and training plans are created. Workouts are then logged using over 100 different modes for sports and meals using the food diary. This data is then used to calculate individual progress and a forecast of future goal achievement.

You can easily record nutritional values ​​and calories

Good nutrition is essential for a successful workout and a healthy lifestyle, but who wants to read confusing nutrient charts and laboriously calculate calories? To facilitate this, meals can be entered into the food diary and nutritional values ​​can be scanned, after which the app calculates, among other things, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories. In addition, the Snack Advisor offers activities that can be used to balance snacking, to clarify the balance between food and training.

The holistic approach also includes the menstrual cycle, intermittent fasting and music to fall asleep.

Since “Health+” is intended to make it easier for users to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, other health-related data may also be collected, such as the menstrual cycle, which predicts menstruation and phases. fertile, and there is a separate feed. feature for those dying wanting to try intermittent fasting. If you need outside motivation and like to compete, you can share your running routes on social media using 3D tracking and add music and images to it. To counteract negative emotions, a range of breathing exercises help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, and “white noise” or relaxing sounds are believed to help you fall asleep.

The new version of the “Health” and “Health+” app is therefore ideal for anyone who wants to make their life even healthier and more active with the help of the latest technologies.

The right clothes

Huawei’s wearable devices, which have just been supplemented by a new generation of devices, are best suited for optimal recording of body-related data such as heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature and levels. of sleep and stress in the “Health” application. Another advantage: if you buy a new generation wearable, you get a free subscription to the “Health+” application for three months.


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