PC glasses: what to consider when buying and who bears the costs?

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PC glasses: what you need to consider and who bears the costs

Lots of screen time: what to do if your eyes are tired?

Lots of screen time – what to do with tired eyes?

Too much screen time can put a lot of strain on your eyes over time. In the video there are some useful tips to avoid tired eyes.

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Computers, tablets, mobile phones: looking at the screen is exhausting. Glasses can relieve the eyes. To consider.

Berlin. Screen work has become indispensable in most professions. Especially not during the home office period. And in our free time too, we usually spend many hours in front of the screens of our mobile phones or tablets. But this constant activity in front of the monitor is extremely demanding on our eyes. Even in young people, increasingly occur complaints to. PC glasses can have a supporting effect.

Why is screen work so demanding on our eyes?

Digital computer activities are not the same for the eyes as those of analog daily life: “Working in front of the PC often leads to very little blinking. Wetting the surface of the eye works less well than in other everyday situations and that eye dries much faster,” says Professor Mathias Maier, ophthalmologist at the Klinikum Rechts der Isar at the Technical University of Munich.

The digitization in the workplace, the long seats indoors and also the home office with the many video conferences thus promote the continuous deterioration of the lubrication of the eyes and thus impair the view. According to the ophthalmologist, breaks should be more frequent when working on the computer screen, the practice should be aired regularly and only then should work be resumed.

What are the possible symptoms that indicate too much screen work?

Continuous work in front of the monitor and the associated drying of the surface of the eye can lead to other complaints – headache, signs of tiredness Where concentration deviations. “These asthenopic complaints mostly occur when the eyes are strained over a long period of time and mostly affect people over 40,” Maier says.

However, it is not only presbyopia that challenges the eye over time, young people are also increasingly affected by myopia. Experts suspect it is also linked to increasingly close working on tablets and laptops in schools and universities. surveys point out that myopia progresses faster when there is a lack of balance in everyday life: “If you work a lot on the PC, spend a lot of time on your smartphone and go out in the fresh air a little, that advances myopia,” says the doctor from Munich. Working in front of laptops and PCs also increases the ametropia of children and young people, but the deterioration of visual acuity also and above all depends on a possible predisposition of the parents.

How can PC glasses have a supporting effect?

If the health problems occur during screen work, a specialist must first exclude or diagnose ametropia. It is then important that the glasses are individually adjusted so that they are perfectly suited to your own workplace. Especially with age, near vision gradually decreases and individually fitted glasses with appropriate lenses can help compensate for the distance to the monitor. Over-the-screen work glasses can prevent eye strain and thus help improve concentration and productivity.

What should be considered when buying?

According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the employer is legally obliged to bear the costs of the medically necessary basic version of the glasses, provided that no one else can payer how your own health insurance pays for these glasses. The employee bears surcharges for special glasses or fashionable frames.

“PC glasses are always single vision glasses that are precisely aligned to the distance between the workplace and the screen,” explains Dr. Rüdiger Schwartz from the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf.

According to Schwartz and Maier, when buying it is important to trust this type of glasses and not them eyeglasses with multifocal lenses, such as progressive lenses, for example. “With the wrong visual aids, head movements are used to try to create the right angle with the screen surface. Sooner or later, this will lead to neck pain,” says the doctor from Hamburg.

However, PC glasses should not be confused with blue light filtering glasses. “The problem with glasses with UV filters is the resulting lack of contrast for the eye”, explains Mathias Maier. Contact lenses, on the other hand, are just as suitable for screen work as screen work glasses. However, there is also the additional risk that the skin will dry out more quickly. eye area.

What other options are there to keep your eyes as fit as possible?

“You can’t keep your eyes in shape like you train your muscles,” Maier explains. But often looking away, healthy and active way of life and a balanced diet support the eyes well into old age. In general, the doctor from Munich advises having his computer glasses made by an optician: “The glasses depend on many individual factors. Everyone works a little differently and has a different distance from the computer screen. You should have it adjusted by an optician.

How often should visual acuity be checked?

AT Presbyopia from about 40 years old it may be a good idea to have your visual acuity checked by an ophthalmologist at regular intervals every three to five years and to have your glasses readjusted. “Severely myopic people should even have a check-up every one to two years”, explains Professor Mathias Maier. “When the eye grows rapidly, the retina stretches faster and may show thin plaques. This should be checked and clarified from time to time.

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