Overweight? It must no longer be fate!

What if all about being fat, dieting, and dreary jogging was only half the story? What if the individual is not primarily in control of their own weight, but instead various factors make it nearly impossible for them to achieve a normal weight – let alone maintain it?

Doctor Thorsten Siegmund and Dr Alexandra Schönich are certain that many people with weight problems have a genetic predisposition or a previously unrecognized endocrine disorder.

practice doctor Siegmund - Isar Medical Center (©Photo: munichpress.de / Günther Reisp)
practice doctor Center for Medicine Siegmund – Isar

In your Group practice at the Isar Clinic in Munichto the Center for Diabetes, Hormones and Metabolism, the two doctors are therefore successfully innovating in the treatment of overweight and obesity. Weight problems are to be equated with a serious illness, because secondary illnesses represent the biggest public health problem, with a constant upward trend.

Dr Alexandra Schönich Explain: “Losing weight is only possible with a negative energy balance and an increase in fat burning. It works without medical support, in particular by reducing calorie intake. A lifelong feeling of hunger would then be the harmful consequence , almost unbearable. Because the body tends to want to gain weight once it has been achieved again and again. In this regard, our bodies are stuck in the stone age, and that is why there is the yo-yo effect in diets.”

Doctor Siegmund: “A diet – whatever it is – initially works against your own body, so feelings of weakness and hunger pangs are inevitable and you fall back into old patterns. In the long term, for many of those affected, only a possible change in diet can lead to the goal.”

doctor Alexandra Schoeneich - Isar Medical Center (©Photo: munichpress.de / Günther Reisp) doctor Thorsten Siegmund (©Photo: munichpress.de / Günther Reisp)
Dr. Alexandra Schoeneich, Dr. Thorsten Siegmund

The two doctors therefore take a completely new approach with their approach: they do not want to act against the organism of the individual and for this reason also consider many common diets as ineffective in the long term, often ineffective or even unhealthy. On the contrary, it is important to first find out medically why a body accumulates more fat.

It is different for each person. “Only after a diagnosis has been made will tailor-made, individual and, if necessary, drug therapy for some of those affected in the right way. To do this, they use promising and well-studied drugs that lead to medically controlled weight loss.

These drugs are very similar to a human metabolic hormone and specifically target energy metabolism while reducing hunger pangs. This way an effect can also be maintained in the long term and become a real game-changer for the overweight person.“, explains Dr. Siegmund.

It is important for both doctors to treat their patients as equals: “Patients are not responsible for their fullness – on the contrary! Discipline alone often cannot lead to the goal. A long-awaited relief for many chubby people, yes – too fat!

With a little arrogance, a distinction is made today between thin and fat, between normal and – well, what in fact? Isn’t obesity normal? That’s how those affected feel – not only do they not fit into their jeans, but they also don’t match the beauty ideals that have been conveyed millions of times over.

And: they not only take too much weight with them, but also the increased risk of contracting many serious diseases, which are disproportionately favored by being overweight. It should be normal to deal with what makes you sick in a promising way. Finally, there is also a sustainable treatment approach to obesity that promises long-term success.


©Photos: munichpress.de / Günther Reisp

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